Sweet and Simple Painted Shoes!

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We are so excited to welcome a new face to HowDoesShe for a few guest posts! Welcome Emily, from Small Fry and she is here to share something so stinkin’ easy, and even more awesome! She is going to let us in on how to transform boring old shoes into something unique and, well, AWESOME! I mean, we all have boring sneakers around the house. This looks familiar, right?
painted shoes
Emily to the rescue! You are going to love this! Take it away, Emily!
Here at Small Fry, we all have two boys each, isn’t that something? We’re not sure if girls are the same, but boys are so hard on their clothes. On top of that they grow like weeds, and we are replenishing their too small wardrobes monthly it seems. So when we find inexpensive staples, we like to stock up. But, of course three best friends with six boys between us, the boys are constantly matching. Embellishing these inexpensive finds is the perfect way to put a little individuality back into their wardrobes.
Here’s how Emily did it:
 painted shoes

Using painter’s tape, mark off your desired design. Make sure you press the tape into the creases and that it is adhering, duct tape might work well too! Using our favorite go-to, acrylic paint, and a sponge brush, dab the paint into the design. Depending on the saturation of the paint and the shoe’s material, you will probably need a few coats. But, it dries quickly, so once it’s set, remove the tape. In only minutes you’ll have one-of-a kind shoes.

painted shoes

Slip ons via K-Mart, and shorts are thrifted Wranglers cut off above the knee.

Thanks, Emily!! This is a project that is so easy, ANYONE can do it. I foresee a fun Spring Break activity with my girls! Thanks!

See more fun projects and brilliant ideas, and say ‘hi’ to Emily, over at Small Fry!

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    1. March 29th, 2013 at 8:57 am
      Missy says:
      Those turned out so great - love it!
    2. March 29th, 2013 at 7:39 pm
      Shelley says:
      Oooo I love this! I can't wait to color coordinate some of my little guy's outfits. Totally studly. ;)
    3. April 4th, 2013 at 6:21 pm
      Verna says:
      Everything about this site is very useful..i recommand that woman she have this..web site..very simple step by step..to follow..the best ..keep up the good work..do you have an app..for this..
    4. April 8th, 2013 at 6:24 pm
      Stephanie says:
      Very cute!
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