26 Adorable Father’s Day Ideas

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26 Adorable Father’s Day Ideas

Father’s Day is coming up, and what better way to show your love, than with a thoughtful present.

Men don’t always love the cutsie things that we create, but they love feeling special. So no matter what you do from Father’s Day eCards to tickets to his favorite sporting event, make sure the present you choose is special for your man. These things make them remember their wonderful family! Father’s tend to be forgotten during the year, so doing the little things, make them feel appreciated.

We have gathered up some darling ideas to create for your awesome spouse with the help of many different websites. This was a HUGE collaboration which give you tons of wonderful ideas to create for your spouse. There is so much to choose from, and if you like an ide,a click on the title. It’s that easy!

26 Adorable Father’s Day Ideas #1) Spouse Subway Art {The Dating Divas} – Custom-make a subway art piece based ON your husband! This free site we found will help you do just that!

#2) Luggage Handle Cover {Little Birdie Secrets} – A great “manly” gift for the guy who travels! This luggage handle cover is a quick and easy project, but one that will surely be appreciated by the dad in your life. Not only does it make his luggage handle more comfortable when lugging it through the airport, but it makes his bag easier to spot on the luggage carousel!

#3) Best Daddy Ever Beans {The Letter 4} – This is so fun for the daddy who loves jelly beans! The printable provided renames the jelly bean jar “Best Daddy Ever Beans” and the flavors of each bean are replaced with a trait of daddy. ex. smart, caring, kind, etc.

#4) “You’re a Catch” Pail {Lil’ Luna} – Super cute and easy gift to give to your spouse to thank him for being such a great catch and awesome daddy! 26 Adorable Father’s Day Ideas #5)All About You” Basket {The Dating Divas} – Who DOESN’T love to get compliments? Write down things you love about the man in your life & pair them with fun little presents to create the ULTIMATE “all about you” basket!

#6)Father’s Day Canvas Collage {Somewhat Simple} – A sweet and simple gift to Dad from the kiddos.

#7) Manly Apron for Dad {The Crafting Chicks} – Here’s an idea for a more manly apron for the grillmaster in the family, using Silhouette’s heat transfer kit. 26 Adorable Father’s Day Ideas #8) “My Pop Rocks!” {My Insanity} – This gift basket is so fun and easy to put together with free printables! Does your “pop” rock? Tell him with this pop-themed basket, featuring pop rocks, popcorn, soda pop and more!

#9)Map O’Love {How Does She?} – Create a memory of your lives together using maps of where you have lived and the special moments that happened there…all in one special Map O’Love book. A beautiful, meaningful, personal gift.

#10)Hot Stuff Grilling Father {My Insanity} – “Hot Stuff”-themed Father’s Day for the the grill master (or hot man) in your life. DIY grilling apron and cake that lights on fire!

#11)The Tickle Monster {How Does She?} – There is not much that is more beautiful than a child’s laugh. This tickle set is the perfect gift your love and his children. 26 Adorable Father’s Day Ideas

#12)Father’s Day Message Plaque {The Crafting Chicks} – A fun and simple gift where the kiddos can write love messages to their daddy. The best part is that it’s dry erase vinyl, so the message can be changed every day!

#13) Birthday Week Gifts 4 Him {The Dating Divas} –Originally a birthday post, these GREAT ideas for “manly” gifts would double perfectly for Father’s Day!

 The Quick & Easy Section!

If you are running out of time and need to come up with something FABULOUS for Father’s Day – these ideas should take you 15 minutes or less to prepare. The only problem? Choosing which one you want to do!! Take a look!!

26 Adorable Father’s Day Ideas

#1) Framed Father’s Day Quote {Somewhat Simple} – Darling and sooooo easy!! It doesn’t get any easier than this! Print directly from the computer or use some vinyl to stick on the glass with scrapbook paper behind it. Simple and sweet.

#2) Money Shirt For Your Guy {HowDoesShe?} – A new way to give him some “man cash” to show how much you love him: An Origami Man Shirt

#3) Homemade M&M Dispenser {The Dating Divas} – If the father of the house LOVES M&M’s – then you should definitely check out this hilarious and fun idea to surprise him on Father’s Day!

#4) A Basket of Love For Dad or Grandpa {Somewhat Simple} – Get the kids involved by asking them what they love most about their dad or grandpa. Type up and print their responses and attach them to small items that illustrate their answers. With this gift, it isn’t so much about the items you buy, but more about the meaning of those items that will make him feel special- perfect for the guy who already has everything!!! 26 Adorable Father’s Day Ideas

#5) Father’s Day Card Tutorial {The Dating Divas} – Print off this printable listing all the synonyms that go along with being a father! Grab some colorful paper and your Father’s Day card is complete!

#6) Father’s Day Printables {WhipperBerry} – A cute little tag to add to Dad’s favorite bottle of Pop. It says “Pop you put the Fizz into my Life!”

#7) Surprise Love Notes {HowDoesShe?} – Surprise him throughout the day with these adorable love notes on his favorite foods and places. 26 Adorable Father’s Day Ideas

#8) Father’s Day Print {Sweet Rose Studio} – This simple gift is perfect and easy for a last minute present for the special dad in your life! Print it out, frame it, and it’s ready to go!

#9) Father’s Day Word Art {The Crafting Chicks} – A meaningful quote turned into a beautiful free printable to frame for Dad.

#10) The Sock Bouquet {HowDoesShe?} – A beautiful new way to give your love his favorite socks!

#11) Free Father’s Day Questionaire Printable {The Crafting Chicks} – Kids say the funniest things! Quiz your kids to see what they think about their dads and grandpas, it’ll be the hit of the day! 26 Adorable Father’s Day Ideas

#12) World’s Best POP! {The Dating Divas} – All you need is a can of your man’s favorite soda, this darling printable, and a strip of fabric. Adorable way to let him know he’s loved.

#13) More Father’s Day Printables {Sweet Rose Studio}– Celebrate Dad on his special day with these great cupcake toppers and a sweet banner!

Did you find the perfect gift idea? I found like TEN! Holy cow! If you did find something amazing, don’t be shy about sharing the love! PIN it, comment on our post, comment on our amazing friends posts!! We love hearing from you! And we love making it easy for you, too!!!

Happy Father’s Day!!

{Stay tuned for some awesome DIY gift deas tomorrow!}

26 Adorable Father’s Day Ideas

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    1. June 15th, 2012 at 7:43 am
      Shawn says:
      Here's where I'm buying gifts for my Dad, Grandfather and my SO's Dad.

      I highly recommend checking this guy's stuff out because I bought my SO's Mom
      a gift from this guy and she and her Mom thought I paid way more than I did
      and were both THRILLED so I got lots of free "cool points" and uhmmm other "rewards".

      I wrote him yesterday and there's still time but clearly I'd hurry if I were you

    2. May 6th, 2013 at 6:41 am
      Lydia says:
      Hello, I am hosting our family reunion on Father's Day. So far, my ideas are to use neckties and a sharpie for name tags, and to have an ugly shirt and tie contest. What else can we do to highlight Dads? Any ideas. Lydia in Donnelly, Idaho
    3. May 7th, 2013 at 11:01 am
      Melodie says:
      These ideas are great! Creative and diy gifts are great for expressing deep admiration and love! I love how these are so personal!
    4. June 3rd, 2013 at 8:16 am
      Get Crafty says:
      Numbers 3 and 9! Brilliant work ;)
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