You Can Be A Super Mom!

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As a wife and mother, I sometimes feel the expectation to be a super mom is just too much. It can feel overwhelming. How do others do it? You know who I mean – those super moms out there who do it all and look good doing it! Yeah, I sometimes look at them and think “I should have them come to my house and do those things here” :) Never fear, we are here to help! These past few days our amazing contributors have shared their secrets for being a super mom, and it’s easier than you think! You can please and amaze the kids with crafts and goodies, you can look fabulous for your honey with a new colorful look, you can make your home your castle with homemade cleaners, and even find some time for yourself by starting a “mommy club”! And if you are struggling in some area, we even have a reward chart to motivate YOU along with your family. Didn’t I promise we are here to help?

1. Grow Your Own Easter Grass

Be a super mom

Your child will be in awe of your prowess as you grow your own Easter grass for their baskets!! How fun is this? Hurry, though – Easter is less than a week away!

2. Make All Natural Cleaning Products

Be a super mom

Keeping the house sparkling clean is so much easier and cheaper when making your own ALL NATURAL cleaners. We are sharing three of our favorite recipes. Just think how smart you will look with that spray bottle in hand and some extra change in your pocket 😉

3. Freshen Up your look with some color!

Be a super mom

So, for those of you who shy away from anything that is not in the white, black, and grey category…are you ready to incorporate some color? Cristi shows us how to do so tastefully and really brighten up our look for Spring! I love her simple tips – even I can do this.

4. Reward charts for Parents!

Be a super mom

The concept is exactly the same as a child’s reward chart and is meant to be done alongside your children.  From young children to teens, this is a great experiment in promoting positive behavior for the whole family. What an awesome idea!

5. Start Your Own Mommy Group!

Be a super mom

As we get busy in our life the first thing we stop doing is hanging out with our friends. That needs to change! We need our girlfriends and some guilt-free mommy time! Ashley shares a bunch of ideas that will help you get this mommy time and help you be a balanced super mom!

There is no way to be a perfect mom, but there are thousands of ways to be a super one, and we hope these ideas have started the wheels turning. You are amazing! Never forget that! You ARE a super mom!!

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    1. March 27th, 2013 at 7:59 am
      Stacey says:
      I was saddened to see today's to bea super mom!!! Whoa what a title to have to try to live up too. It has taken me 7 years to realize, I can't be a super mom...I can only be the best mom I can be with the good days and the big mess ups days. Super mom is sort of like the perfect mom and who truly can live up to that. Try your best. Love your family with a big heart.
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