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 We would love to take just a moment to express some sincere gratitude for the people and companies who literally make HowDoesShe possible – and believe me, we could NOT do this alone. These amazing Sponsors are so supportive and are, we believe, the very BEST on the web. We love their products and services and love to recommend them to you – our fabulous readers. So, with any more ado, let’s hear it for our amazing sponsors~!

1. Accent The Party


I love this website – they have gorgeous accents for every party you could ever plan – from weddings, to Halloween parties, to anniversaries, to birthdays, and everything in between. You can shop by theme, color, or even price! I love their selection – it’s awesome.  Oh! And they even have some free printables! Yay!

2. Polka Dot Market

Speaking of AMAZING party supplies, Polka Dot Market is THE original party supply company and they LOVE polka dots! They have polka dots in every size and color, and their customer service can’t be beat!

3. Pick Your Plum

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Have you discovered Pick Your Plum, yet? They delicately slap prim-o pricing on crafting, clothing, baking supplies, home decor and other fabulous finds.  Stellar pricing.  Seriously. There is a new “plum” to pick each and every day. What will the “pick” be today?

4. Canvas People

Decorating with Canvases is super popular right now, and Canvas People is there to give you the BEST DEAL on ordering your own custom prints. And it is SO EASY, too.

5. More Cozy Packaging

How adorable is this little cupcake bag? We all love to share our baking and other treats, and Cozy Packaging gets that we also love to dress up the gifts in fancy and fun packages! They have a huge selection of beautiful packages in all shapes, sizes, and colors – perfect for fancy-ing up some baking and giving it to a friend! This website is a must-see!

6. Cutting Edge Wall Stencils

Have you tried decorating with wall stencils? Creatinggorgeous rooms with simple wall stencils is easier and faster than you think, and even beginners get great results. I count on that! There are so many fabulous designs that there is something for everyone, in every room of your house. Check it out!

7. Chickabug


It is no secret that we LOVE Chickabug and the beautiful printables they create for us. Did you know that you can order your own CUSTOMIZED party printables? The Chickabug gals make it SO easy to do, and the quality is really unsurpassed – you will NOT be disappointed. Pop on over and say “hi”!

And don’t forget to visit these other AMAZING sponsors!! We {heart} them!

8. 1-800-flowers

9. Fabric.com

10. Groupon

11. Amazon

Didn’t I say that they are the best of the best on the web? They really are, and we are so proud to have their support…and yours! We love sharing and learning how to become the kind of women we all want to be – together! Thanks for your support!

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