The Nature of Nurturing! A Look Back

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The Nature Of Nurture

February is a month where we are reminded of the loved ones in our lives, and our thoughts turn to showing our love and affection outwardly. We focus more on nurturing and going above and beyond to show how we feel. We have been focusing, a lot, of the nature of nurture and the place it holds in our lives. We have been sharing ideas on how to spend quality time with those we love, and even how to nurture ourselves, too! Here are a few of the highlights from this past month, in case you were busy with your own families :)

1. Teach Your Kids To Be Physically Fit – and love it!

nature of nurture

 We know it’s normal, during the cold months, for lethargy to set in and unhealthy habits to sneak into our lives. Ashley shares her solution to tackle the winter doldrums and get our kids up and MOVING in a way they will really be excited about!

2. Bring Your Next Camp out INDOORS

nature of nurture

Some of my fondest memories are those made around a campfire. So, what do you do when it’s too cold to camp outdoors, or you can’t seem to get away? You bring the camp out INSIDE! Just imagine the memories just waiting to be made – and all in the comfort of your own home. Nicolette shares all of her best indoor camping secrets :)

3. Dress Your Bump (Without The Frump)

nature of nurture

Carrying a baby is one of the most selfless and nurturing thing a woman can do, but sometimes that baby bump can make you feel big and FRUMPY! It is tempting to just reach for the biggest tent(uh…dress) you can find just to hide it all. However, Cristi shows us how to pamper ourselves through our maternity wardrobe, and why not? Nurture yourself by dressing to feel beautiful, sexy, and fashionable during pregnancy- without the frump!

4. Nurturing YOU: TLC For The Weary

nature of nurture

Sometimes life can be painful with lost loved ones, unexpected struggles, or burdens that seem too heavy to bear.  Stephanie details how she turned the loss of her infant into a journey of healing. Learn how to lift and lighten the burdens of others and also yourself. It’s time to nurture YOU!
5. Go On A Quest For Knowledge!

nature of nurture

An important part of nurturing your child involved nurturing their young minds. In this inspiring post, Heather shares tips that will have your child begging for a visit to your local library.

6. Romance In A Bucket

 love post

Bring on the romance with this bucket filled with items to pamper the man in your life. He needs some nurturing, too, right? You’ll absolutely LOVE Ashley’s suggestions, and you won’t want to miss her recipe for your very own “Love Potion #9!”

7. Shaking And Sharing!

The Nature Of Nurture

Finally, help your child to nurture their sense of generosity by teaching them to share through song! This is another adorable song from our amazing Bee that is so catchy, you’ll be singing (and sharing) right alongside your child. Plus, learn how to create your own “sharing” shaker so you can play long!

I believe, as women, nurturing is part of our very nature. We have loved sharing a few ideas that help us to show our love for those we love, and we hope you have found some inspiration in these posts. How do you nurture those you love? Is there something you love to do, to show them how much you care? We love to hear from you!

Here’s to another great month, on HowDoesShe!

The Nature Of Nurture

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    1. February 28th, 2013 at 10:51 pm
      Stephanie says:
      I really enjoyed February's posts - thanks for rounding them up for those of us who miss a post here and there!
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