It’s been a hot summer here in the northwest. The days have been blistering hot, and although it’s mostly dry heat, I sometimes feel like I’m going to melt into a puddle on the sidewalk.

Something that always gets me in the summer is getting ready for the day. I love a really hot shower, but in the hot months I try and change to a more tepid temperature, because as soon as I step out of the shower I start to sweat. Add the blow dryer and a curling iron under good lights and you’ve got a recipe for frizzy flat hair and moist makeup.

For me, avoiding the heat by getting ready wearing nothing or even in my skivvies isn’t an option, as I have three young boys at home that can burst through the door at any moment. I have a huge plush bathrobe that is fabulous and luxurious, but makes me sweat like I’ve been running laps, and I can never keep just a towel wrapped tightly around me. You know how it goes because this is happening to you, too, right? Well, you’re in luck. I have the perfect solution! A spa-towel.

diy spa towel (1)

This little beauty keeps everything hidden while letting your skin breathe at the same time! No more clamminess or sweaty face – you can get ready, be cool, and look pretty cute at the same time!

What you’ll need:

diy spa towel (3)

A towel, elastic, velcro, and sewing supplies. Buttons and some old tights are optional, but they are cute as well as functional, you’ll see how later. I used a beach towel that was thin, inexpensive, and something I thought was a fun design. It’s a good idea to get a thin towel because we’re trying to keep cool, and you don’t want to strain your sewing machine with something really thick. You’ll also want something big enough to comfortably wrap around you.

diy spa towel (6)

Start by sewing a “pocket” for your elastic. I used 1.5-inch elastic, but you could probably get away with 1-inch as well. Fold over the top of you towel leaving enough room for your elastic, depending on the size you use.

diy spa towel (7)

Pin and sew along the edge.

diy spa towel (8)

A simple, straight seam is what you want. I went right along the seam that was already there.

diy spa towel (9)

Next, use a safety pin as your “needle” and thread the elastic through the pocket you just created. I measured my elastic under my armpits (very scientific) and then gave myself a few more inches. You can always cut it off if it’s too long.

diy spa towel (10)

You’ll have to pull and scrunch and it might be difficult at first, but pull the towel down the elastic as you go and you’ll have it through before you know it.

diy spa towel (11)

Go all the way to the other side, but be sure to keep the other end out. You can safety pin it to the towel if you’re worried. After it’s pulled through, secure the elastic at both ends of the pocket by sewing a straight seam across it.

diy spa towel (12)

Cut a few inches of  velcro, mine was around 4 inches to keep the over-lap towel secure underneath. Pin and sew the velcro on. Don’t worry too much about sewing on the elastic, it doesn’t matter if you hit it. Sew on your two strips of velcro , making sure to do it on the opposing sides of your towel!

diy spa towel (15)

Here’s where the buttons come in handy. Your towel will be pretty secure with the velcro, but as added security I added three buttons. I wanted the towel to stay closed at the middle and bottom, so I added button there as well as right at the top.

diy spa towel (4)

I had some old tights I used as my elastic because it’s soft and easy to manage. It also slides over buttons beautifully. Cut a few strips about an inch thick.

diy spa towel (5)

Cut them in half and sew them on your towel in the spots you’d like closed. Sew your buttons on the other side.

diy spa towel (13)

Now you’ll be blow drying in style and keep your temperature down while you do it. This is also a fun gift for a college student or girlfriend, and you can even make a few for a spa night with your favorite people.

diy spa towel (14)

Stay cool ladies!


  1. September 9th, 2013 at 12:51 pm
    Tess @ Tips on Life and Love says:
    This is a great idea, and a nice way to save money. Thanks for sharing!
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