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Your Top 12 Contest Winning Homemade Cleaning Recipes
INSTANT DOWNLOAD!$7.99Your Top 12 Contest Winning Homemade Cleaning Recipes
Plus free sticker label printables!!
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11 ways to be a #nowmom e-book
INSTANT DOWNLOAD!$12.9911 ways to become a #nowmom
Be inspired and learn to be present with your kids with these ideas, articles, and tools.
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INSTANT DOWNLOAD!$5.99Tried and True Pinterest Secrets Ebook: Tips and Tricks to Go Viral
Plus get 3 free collage templates for $5.99!
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15 must have Photoshop actions to take your photos from "ho hum" to "HowDoesShe"!
INSTANT DOWNLOAD!$24.9915 Must-Have HowDoesShe Photoshop Actions & Templates
Take your photos from “ho hum” to “HowDoesShe”!
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Complete Quiet Book Pattern Set
INSTANT DOWNLOAD!$26.99The complete Quiet Book pattern set. Get all 10 activities plus the cover!
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"Art Class" Felt Book Pattern
INSTANT DOWNLOAD!$3.99“Art Class” felt book pattern. Learn colors and play with felt crayons, a real paintbrush, and an artist’s palette.
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"Cupcake Shop" Felt Book Pattern
INSTANT DOWNLOAD!$3.99“Cupcake Shop” felt book pattern. Make sprinkle-topped cupcakes in a play bakery, complete with apothecary jars and a display stand.
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"Rocket Ship" Felt Quiet Book Pattern
INSTANT DOWNLOAD!$3.99“Rocket Ship” felt book pattern. Add stars to the sky (the stars are stored inside the rocket) and enact outer space scenes with finger puppet aliens.
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"Fruit Market" Felt Quiet Book Pattern
INSTANT DOWNLOAD!$3.99“Fruit Market” felt book pattern. Pick fruit off of the tree and put it in the basket. “Peel” a banana and “cut up” an apple – the fruit comes out of its skin.
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"Find the Shapes" Felt Quiet Book Pattern
INSTANT DOWNLOAD!$3.99“Find the Shapes” felt book pattern. Practice the names of colors and shapes by opening mystery “doors” to see what’s inside.
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"Counting Train" Felt Quiet Book Pattern
INSTANT DOWNLOAD!$3.99“Counting Train” felt book pattern. Practice counting to 10 on the wheels of an adorable train with two cars and a caboose.
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"In The Garden" Felt Quiet Book Pattern
INSTANT DOWNLOAD!$3.99“In the Garden” felt book pattern. Make the bumblebees fly from left to right in the sky, and the flowers grow up and down in the garden.
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"Pizza Parlor" Felt Quiet Book Pattern
INSTANT DOWNLOAD!$3.99“Pizza Parlor” felt book pattern. Dig into four different pouches and select toppings to add to a slice of pizza (pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers, and onions)!
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"Owl Family" Felt Quiet Book Pattern
INSTANT DOWNLOAD!$3.99“Owl Family” felt book pattern. Encourage imaginative play with the mama owl hand puppet and baby owl finger puppets. The babies can be put in a nest, and the leaves can “blow in the wind.”
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"Tic Tac Toe" Felt Quiet Book Pattern
INSTANT DOWNLOAD!$3.99“Tic Tac Toe” felt book pattern. The classic game we all know and love! The page next to the game board has an envelope-like pouch to store the game pieces.
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Felt Quiet Book Cover Pattern
INSTANT DOWNLOAD!$1.99Cover pattern. The perfect finishing touch to your felt book. It has a ribbon closure and handles for easy carrying.
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