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I have been blown away with the amount of Valentine’s creativity out there. What I love BEST is that so many of these amazing ideas are converging in one place…I Share! There are tons of new ideas and free printables being submitted every single day. I love one-stop-shopping, don’t you? The last time I popped over to I Share Printables, there were OVER 90 FREE Valentine’s Day Printables on the site! WOW!!!!

Printable Valentine's collage copy

Okay, so there are so many great Valentine Printables that I wanted to share every single one, but none of has two or three spare hours to sit here, do we? So, I had to narrow them down to just a few that caught my eye. Is ten okay? Alright, let’s get sharing, shall we?

1. Add a touch of “useful” to your Valentines with this witty and adorable printable tag from “Purple Sage Creations”!

Write For Me Printable Heart“Write One For Me” Printable tags

2. Bulk Candy is sharing a “sweet” card idea that your child’s classmates or teachers will love. Print off these cute tic-tac-toe boards and attach a small bag of candies for the kids to play the game with. This is so simple and the kids will totally love it.

candy Tic tac ToeValentine’s Tic Tac Toe Card

3. I love printables that turn into something 3-D, like these fun printable candy boxes from “Party Planning Center”! What I really love is that they also have matching printable cards that coordinate. Fun stuff.

Printable candy boxesPrintable Candy Boxes and Cards

4. If you have a Valentine that is some distance away, these precious printable postcards from “Mother Crafter” are the perfect way to say “I Love You”. I have a few nieces and nephews that would love a little “happy mail” from their cousins!

PostcardsPrintable Valentine Postcards

5. These “Muah!” cards from “Funky Polka Dot Giraffe” had me laughing out loud! She has created free templates that you can simple drag and drop your photo behind, then print! This would be one memorable Valentine card, wouldn’t it?

Muah! Card“Muah!” Printable Card Templates

6. Cards that double as activity sheets are another fab Valentine idea! “Creative Mamma” shares these adorable printable “Kawaii” valentine’s with all sorts of fun activities! Simply print and give!

valentines printablesPrintable Kawaii Valentine’s Activity cards

7. Reading is something that should always be encouraged, so a Valentine that doubles as a bookmark is a great choice for children and adults a like! Oh, and if you add a cute little tassle to the top, and a baggie with a few sweets…even better :)

love grows bookmarkLove Grows Bookmarks

8. As soon as I saw this XOXO Printable from “Craftaholic’s Anonymous”, I knew I wanted to frame it and display it in my home. I love the gorgeous simplicity! There are a lot of great Valentine Word Art pieces that will look great in any home!

XOXO Word Art

9. We all love getting love notes, and getting one on this gorgeous printable card from Nancy would be WONDERFUL! I adore the little typewriter, don’t you?

Love Notes Printable card“Love Notes” Printable Card

10. If you plan to have a Valentine’s Day Party, or are sending some treats to your child’s classroom, then these printable valentine cupcake toppers will really make your treats stand out. Talk about sharing the LOVE!

Printable Cupcake ToppersHeart Shaped Cupcake Toppers

Are you intrigued? Has your “love” radar started beeping? This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, so head on over to I Share Printables to see all 90+ free Valentine Printables there! There really is something for everyone, and you can’t beat FREE for a price, right? I know I’ll see you there!

    1. January 31st, 2012 at 10:07 am
      Mirys says:
      LOVE IT, GIRLS!!!
      Thank you all so very much! We don´t even have a "valentine´s day" here, in Brazil, but love is all around and it should be spread by everyone, everywhere! Don´t you agree?

      Kisses and blessings.

      (from Brazil, but the blog has a translator button)
    2. February 9th, 2012 at 3:00 pm
      Mikailah says:
      So cute!! :) Thank you so much.
    3. January 21st, 2013 at 12:12 pm
      Elizabeth says:
      Such fun Printables! Thanks for this roundup :)
      Here are a couple others that are fun and free:

      Happy Valentine's Day!!!
    4. January 23rd, 2013 at 10:18 am
      stacy shepherd says:
      I would love to get the free valentine printables!! Both of my kids would enjoy sharing those!
    5. February 5th, 2013 at 11:07 pm
      Ella says:
      Thanks for featuring my bookmarks and I love your ideas for what to do with them!
    6. February 4th, 2014 at 8:43 pm
      Gabriella says:
      I found your website while I was looking for Valentine's Day craft ideas. I really like your post!

      I would like to invite you to HomemakingHearts.com on Fridays for a brand new link-up; it would be a delight to have you join us!

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