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We’ve worked hard to deliver our favorite best back to school FINDS and DEALS just for you! We’re covering everything from school supplies to fashion and everything in between in hopes to making YOUR school year go a little smoother!  We’re big fans of online shopping just to avoid the long lines and stressful shopping trip so all of these purchases can be made from the comfort of your home…in your pjs!

First of all…you can’t beat FREE! Don’t forget to snag and print our

 Free Back to School Printables


From lunch box notes to first day of school signs to teacher  appreciation gift tags and banners…we have you covered! Print them out now so you are ready for the first day of school!

Toddlers & Preshoolers

1 month FREE on ABC Mouse

abc mouse play 200

Wondering what to do with your toddler or preschooler when the ‘big” kids go back to school? We have the perfect solution! We tested it out on our own kids and they LOVE it!!! I am seriously impressed with how much fun and engaging content  ABC Mouse has…and it is FUN!  It is definitely one of our favorite educational computer programs for toddlers and preschoolers. Our little ones beg for it! Take advantage of a FREE month! You’ll be hooked and so will your kids!

Teach your child to READ!..in  100 EASY lessons.

On sale right now for $15.88!

teach child 100

Missy taught all of her kids to read (before and during kindergarten) with this book. You just do one lesson a day and when you finish the book, your kid can read! She has recommended this book to so many people and they all thank her after they try it. The short lessons are so easy to follow (they tell you exactly what to say and do). I know it sounds like an infomercial but it is the truth….It really WORKS! Skeptical?, read the 4.5 star reviews here. On sale now for $15.88

 2 months for a the price of 1 on Citrus Lane care package

Citrus Lane

Don’t forget about your little ones who might not be able to go to school yet! They need something to look forward to as well. Citrus Lane is a super fun program that sends you products tailored for children ages newborn-5. Take advantage of their 2 months for a the price of 1 going on right now! Just enter BLOG2for1 at checkout.


Up to 60% off SUPPLY LIST items


Avoid the stress of the stores and order all your supplies online and save up to 60% right now! Delivered to your door, Amazon is always our go-to! Our readers and our teachers LOVE and REQUEST these Ticonderoga pencils so stock up!

FREE shipping and FREE returns on EVERYTHING else you need for back to school!


Have you shopped Zappos? They have all the name brand stylish stuff your kids want at a great price! But most importantly…CONVENIENT! Avoid the dreaded mall and shop at home.  Zappos is our go to for name brand shoes, clothes and accessories. With FREE shipping and FREE returns, along with a great selection, you can’t go wrong!


Yes, we are considering THIS a necessity!

time timer

Have you struggled getting your kids out the door in the morning or to bed at night? I try to tell my kids they only have so much time to get ready in the morning and they have a LOT to do first! They struggle gaging how fast time passes, especially the little ones. I hear myself saying the bus is coming in 10 minutes!..in 5 minutes!…in 1 minute! But it doesn’t seem to work. ENTER this VISUAL timer. With this the kids can SEE time passing and know that when the red is gone, it is time to go. Hoping it helps with bedtime as well. :)


 FREE crafting classes on Craftsy


With the kids all back in school, could you possibly gain a little more “you” time? It’s time for MOM to go to school! Craftsy provides amazing online courses in everything from photography to cake decorating and sewing. Try a few free classes and see why you will LOVE them fast!

FREE bracelets, FREE shipping + 10% off every order at Cents of Style

Exclusive deal for HowDoesShe readers!


A mom’s gotta look good for all those new room orientations and PTO meetings! Cents of Style has some amazing sales! Now with every order HDS readers get a set of FREE bracelets using code HOWDOESSHE. Oh did we mention that code gets you 10% off and FREE shipping as well? Yep. Amazing deal.

FREE SHIPPING (limited time) on Kiddo Tags


The best way to keep your kids and YOU organized. We love these tags for just about everything.

Digital Homemaking Binder on EverNote


Anything that helps me keep myself and my family efficient and organized is a good thing in my book. If you have been wanting to go electronic for organizing, EverNote is a program which allows you to take every element of your life and organize it into electronic “folders”. We’re talking photos, to do lists, documents, recipes, emails, audio, everything. Then you can sync all these folders to your Ipad, smart phone, and computer.

Can you say ULTIMATE organizing tool? We found this incredible little book that introduces how to effectively use it to organize your life as mom. You could create your own personalized digital HOMEMAKING BINDER! A more organized mom means a happy mom.
And we’re all about happy moms.

Not ready to go digital? No problem. Try this instead…

Mom’s planner


Several of our readers suggested a planner kept them sane during the craziness of school activities and projects. This Mom’s Ultimate Family Organizer is a favorite as it enables you to not only organize your calendar, but everything else from meal plans to kids projects. It’s a bigger size (think..binder) with pockets, which means you can fit all your papers in it as well!

Have fun SHOPPING!!!

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