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Raise your hand if you have been drooling over those precious vintage-style tent photos floating around Pinterest lately? You can’t see me but I have my hand up and I’m shouting MEEEEEE!!! I’m so glad that  tribal/vintage/rustic style is in right now because it’s so me (and apparently it’s so everyone else too – hehe.)

I decided to take matters into my own hands, build my own tent, and do a  photo shoot with my girls. The tent took about 30 minutes to make and cost only around $30.  My husband even got drafted to help me. 😉 He usually grumbles over having to help me with my hair-brain ideas but when I told him what I wanted to do, he said “Oh! That’s easy!” So this tutorial has the husband’s stamp of approval.

To build the frame you will need to get 4 pine wood boards (1x2x8) and a 48 inch 5/8″ dowel rod. I bought mine from either Lowe’s or Home Depot, can’t remember!

kerri tent tutorial (1) kerri tent tutorial (3) kerri tent tutorial (2)


You will then want to measure out 50″ and mark it on each of your 4 pieces of wood.

kerri tent tutorial (4)


Grab a saw (a table saw if you have it) and cut your wood down to size.

kerri tent tutorial (5)


Make sure all 4 pieces are the same length.

kerri tent tutorial (6)


Now you will need to drill a hole into the top of each. This will be where your dowel rod goes through.  Measure down 1 1/4″ and mark a spot to drill your hole.

kerri tent tutorial (9)


My husband used a clamp to hold all 4 pieces together so that he could just measure once and drill through all at the same time. Use a 5/8″ paddle bit.

kerri tent tutorial (11)


Once you have your hole drilled you can put your frame together. Simply slide 2 of your wood pieces on the end of your dowel rod and then take the other 2 pieces and put them on the opposite end of your dowel rod.

kerri tent tutorial (13)


kerri tent tutorial (14)


Fold the wood pieces open to create legs.

kerri tent tutorial (15)


Now you will need a king size flat sheet. I bought mine from Walmart. I think I paid somewhere around $15.

kerri tent tutorial (7)


Throw the sheet over your frame.

kerri tent tutorial (16)


I wanted the sheet to be shabby so I made a small cut into each side and tore the fabric.

kerri tent tutorial (18)


Nice frayed edges. Love.

kerri tent tutorial (21)


Then I just tucked the sides under the legs to hold it down.

kerri tent tutorial (20)


And that’s it! Now you have a cute vintage tent. Grab your kids and a quilt and get ready to have some fun!

kerri tent tutorial (23) kerri tent tutorial (22) kerri tent tutorial (24)


My girls thought the tent was super fun and for once they behaved when I was taking their picture. I love the feel of this. Definitely wall portrait worthy!

HDS Pinterest 2 images
  1. October 8th, 2013 at 3:58 pm
    Shelley says:
    Oh my goodness, this is precious!! ANd so easy! Thanks for the tutorial! On my to do list this weekend.
  2. October 16th, 2013 at 9:52 am
    Natalie says:
    I love this! Do you think it will hold up as a "play" tent, too?
  3. October 16th, 2013 at 2:32 pm
    nancyeileen says:
    this is GREAT!
    Im anxious to build this for photography purposes and for grandmotherly purposes.
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