No one holds a candle to you!

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It’s time to stop and count our blessings, and our biggest blessings are definitely YOU! You are not only the REASON we work hard and share fun ideas, but you are the reason why we CAN! Your support and love makes it possible for us to share on HowDoesShe, and we think you really rock. No one holds a candle to you!

Your referrals are always so appreciated and we have some amazing friends who have been sending their friends over here in droves! So, we want to help them to shine and send some love back their way :) Here are our TOP THREE rockin’ referrers!

Top Three ROCKIN’ Referrers!

1. Chickabug

2. It’s Written On The Walls

3. Miss Poppins

 Top Three Phenomenal Posts!

It seems that, once again, do-it-yourself projects and FREEBIES were on your radar! And why not? We all love to same some money and simplify, right?Why not give these ideas a second look?  Here are our top three posts this past month!

1. DIY Laundry Detergent

2. Coconut Oil Moisture Treatment

3. FREE Exclusive 1st Day of School Printables

Our Spectacular Sponsors!

We are so proud to have the BEST advertisers on the web, and we truly love what these companies are all about. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t have them as such an intricate and vital part of our “HowDoesShe” family! Here are our amazing sponsors, we would love for you to pop by their sites and say hello!

1. Accent The Party

If you are planning an event…ANY event…you will think you’ve died and gone to heaven when you visit “Accent The Party”. Check out this brilliant idea of a “favor box” cake! You can get them in a bunch of themes, and you can even order the boxes filled! What a time saver, and how adorable is this as a centerpiece? LOVE!

2. Pick Your Plum

If you are on the hunt for unique, adorable, and fun gift ideas – or just items to add to your craft stash – but you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, Pick Your Plum will become your new best friend. Every day there is a new deal, and each and every one is so cute! Check out this adorable sticky note ruler that was up this past Tuesday. SOOO cute! What will be the plum today?

3.  Vitacost

We love vitacost, and we love the discount of more than 50% off retail prices for thousands of health products. Some of our favorites are the coconut oil, and the Burt’s Bees products. THE BEST!

4. Chickabug

Oh, chickabug – how we love thee! We can tell you do, too, by the huge response to the amazing “First Day of School” printables that Chickabug designed for us! Aren’t they just perfect? We {heart} everything that chickabug does and their printables work for every occasion. Did you know you can get CUSTOMIZED printables for your next party? Check it out!

5. Kindle

The amazing kindle is now much better (if that’s even possible). The all-new Kindle  is lighter, smaller, faster. You name it! It has the same sized screen as before, only now it fits in your pocket. PERFECT! I love how it reads like a book  – no glare. It’s great to add to your Christmas list!

We love all of you, and want to take every opportunity to express that. You really are amazing and you inspire us every day. We love your stories, your comments, and your help because it makes us even better! Thank you all so much. No one holds a candle to you!

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