List of Lists…7 free downloadable lists!

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7 free downloadable lists

After having 4 kids and ‘birthing’ my brain each time I have become a list maker.  If it’s not on the list then…it probably is not going to get done.notebook

The list is where I dump my ideas.   I don’t have anything fancy…just a $0.05 notebook.  I keep it by the side of my bed at night, by my computer in the day, and my shopping cart when I shop {which is next to the coupon binder}.  I know there are a lot of electronic things out there that help organize your day, but something about writing it down, finishing the task and then crossing it off works for me!

I put all things on one list so that I am not looking for sticky notes or scraps of paper.  Things are categorized by: to do, to buy, dinners,  and blog ideas.  Each Sunday a new list is complied.  I review the things that did not get done and put them on for the next week.

It is easier for me to think of my kids or my husband when I’m not trying to remember the things I need to do!

After I had my 4th kido…I have reduced my list!  The list used to be 2 pages and I’d get just about everything done!  Now…well notice the ‘brush your teeth’ at the bottom of the list.  I add that one because some days I really like to think I did something and if I see a task crossed off I just feel a little better!

If you are new to the list thing…you are in luck!  We’ve got ‘to do’ lists, and dinner menu lists complied for you.  Let us know how you organize your brain:)

We’ve compiled a list of lists!  They are free downloads!

list71.  They have calendars, task lists, chore charts, housework, monthly calendars, daily calendars, address and kitchen lists!


To Do Lists:

list42.  Carina Gardner

list53.  The project girl

Meal Planning Lists

list14.  Future Girl

list25.  Carnia Gardner

lists36.  The Project Girl

list67.  Ollie Bird. She has a tutorial on how to blow this up, put it in a frame and display it in the kitchen!

Things to make to keep you organized:

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Shutter boards

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7 free downloadable lists

    1. July 26th, 2010 at 9:32 am
      Scenterella says:
      I am new to your site and loved this post. I love lists and am always looking for ways to make my lists more functional. Thanks for all the fun downloads. I am going to start using Donna Youngs today.
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    Clip Board Tutorial! Make it cute.
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