Let the count down begin! 2013

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simple new years decor

Let’s party like it’s 1999!…or at least 2013.  Need a fast decoration for your big party tonight?  Vinyl comes to the rescue.  simple new years decorsimple new years decor

But first, grab that fame that you’ve been meaning to paint during 2012.  TODAY is your chance to mark that one off the to do list.simple new years decor

Go with a color that is timeless…one that brings in joy.  How about yellow.  A soft warm color.simple new years decor

Now add the vinyl.  You can place it right to the glass on the frame.  If the glass is gone…just use paper.  Put it on paper and use that!

If you are looking for the clock…google the words ‘free clock dingbat’.  You’ll find a bunch you can use.  This one was from a program we have and I can’t share this exact clock with you, but no worries my friend.  There are a bunch of other cool clocks that are free in web land.  If you download it to your computer it will work just like a font.  simple new years decor

If you have a personalized cutter then just type it into your program and BAM.  It will show and cut.  Make sure to read how your personalized cutter works.

So…need a bit more shabam?  Oh good.  Start with the streamers.  Round ones.  simple new years decor

Cut out circles and punch a hole in them.  String them with…string. and hang them from the ceiling.    simple new years decor

To add another idea…take the dots and write an activity on them.  One that you can do with your kids each hour on the hour to count down.  Oh.  FUN. Like this idea.

simple new years decorsimple new years decor

simple new years decorIt’s time to let the count down begin!

Welcome 2013.  We are excited you are here.

simple new years decor

    1. January 4th, 2013 at 5:33 pm
      Maren says:
      Love this! I'm a little late to use them for New Year but these streamers WILL celebrate at my house sometime this year!
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