Kara’s Interview and her NEW BOOK!!!

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So I got to ’email’ interview Kara over at Kara’s Party Ideas.  Ya, know the blog, book, app, store, blog  gal.  Yup.  She is super duper busy gal.  I asked her random questions and questions that had to do with her new book coming out.  Read along.  Fun Times!

ME: How many kids do you have?
KPI: Three boys.
ME: How do you have time to do this all?
KPI: While I was busy with the book my husband played Mr. Mom :]. I also worked late at night while my children were sleeping.
ME: What is the biggest time sucker you face?
 KPI: Laundry! :] I’m great at throwing it in the washer & dryer, it’s the putting it away part that takes too long! lol
ME: What makes you smile?
KPI: Summer, my kids, my husband, my family, parties, sunshine, organization, a crossed off to-do list & a clean house!
ME: Who is your Hollywood crush?  Ya…a little off subject.
KPI: Taylor Lautner :]
ME: Fav food?  What could you eat every single day?  Of course it would be calorie free.
KPI: Might sound silly, but I love salad!
Me: Why is this book different than the other party books out there?

KPI: This book shows you how to create the parties from start to finish. It also comes with a CD, with printable invitations and party decor!
ME: Where are your books found?
KPI: Kara’s Party Ideas will be in many book stores across the US!
ME: Where can I buy the book?
KPI: Right now it is being pre-sold on Amazon & barnesandnoble.com :]
ME: What was the hardest thing about writing this book?
KPI: I had two months to put together and shoot 8 parties! It was insane. But actually, it was so much fun at the same time!
ME: Was your house clean when you wrote this book?
KPI: I’m kind of a clean freak, so my house stayed pretty clean to be honest. But, I will say that my basement definitely wasn’t! That’s where my studio is. You couldn’t see the floor there was so much party stuff everywhere :].
Thanks for letting us get to know you a wee bit more.
Pictures were sent to us from Kara.
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