Gift Guide – Families

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gift guide for families

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    1. December 6th, 2012 at 9:51 pm
      Gloria says:
      Boy oh boy do I need help! I a few days ago came to your site, I found a written list of things to do for others for Christmas and such. But now I have looked & I can't seem to find it. HELP, where is it? I love all the info it's great, thank you!
    2. October 12th, 2013 at 3:04 pm
      BeachBum21 says:
      Here are some family and couples gift ideas I've come up with:

      Digital photo frame (with SD card, maybe already put some phots on it?)
      Nice Alcohol or imported beer (with glasses, nuts, pretzels, mixers, etc)
      Boardgames or outside yard games
      Ice cream maker (with toppings, Sunday bowls, etc)
      RedBox gift certificates (with popcorn and snacks)
      Picnic Basket (with outdoor blanket, outdoor games, bug spray, etc.)
      Firepit (with makings for smores and sticks to roast marshmallows)
      Event tickets (play, movies, bowling, paint your own pottery, mini golf, etc)
      Pizza stone (w/ cook book, nice pizza cutter, jarred sauces, etc)
      5 day cooler filled with beach or outdoor fun items
      Nice throw blankets ( with hot chocolate, tea, coffee, book store gift card)
      Annual Passes (zoo, museum, state or national parks, gardens, etc)
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