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****UPDATE... Susan S.  You are the winner!  Whoot Whee Whoo!**** Check your email.  If we don't hear back from you in 48 hours we'll give it to the next lucky gal! Seriously look at the size of this little guy's guns!  He is flexing for all of you HowDoesShe gals! And yes...he is still in his pajama...
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Most of you have probably never seen this post.  It debuted when HowDoesShe was just two months old.  We are bringing it back,...just in time for Valentine's Day! Now,...I may or MAY not have had to erase some of our 'shower love notes' before taking these pictures. ;) Shower Love Notes make me smile! This is the funnest way to keep a...
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We have a monster in our house. Luckily, he's not a very scary one. He comes out usually right after dinner, but right before bedtime. He,... is our tickle monster. In a deep not-so-scary voice, our Tickle Monster whispers, "I'm gonna GET you, I'm GONNA GET YOU!" It's really the basic game of chasing and squealing, but oh it does my heart good....
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*This article represents my own personal opinion and choice not to allow sleepovers.  We all have differing opinions and make different choices when it comes to our kids.  Bottom line: we're all doing our best.  Respectful, courteous, and constructive comments are welcome. Last week, I saw my little boy’s life flash before my eyes and it...
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I had one of those light bulb moments that you never forget when I was introduced to the concept behind Kathryn Thompson's, Drops of Awesome. If you haven't read this post yet, click over HERE now and read it. I'll wait for you. What did you think? Amazing right? You can see why this post went absolutely VIRAL! I could go on and on about how...
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During my childhood, my parents always took a picture of me on the first day of school every. single. year. I was always sporting my new clothes, trendy hair {yikes}, and you could see the excitement in my eyes. Even when I was trying to act cool and totally unexcited in high school. This common tradition inspired chickabug to create an adorable...
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BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!! We are excited to re-share one of our MOST POPULAR posts EVAH! *Warning! If you are easily offended, please do not read too far down in this post. {No, there isn't any crazy inappropriate stuff here!  We are talking about sugar cookies. ;)} Do you remember the gorgeous sugar cookies at my Twins' First Sweet Shoppe...
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Creative Ways to 'Spill the Beans' when you're expecting First off, I am a little hesitant to post this.  It is probably the most personal entry I have ever made.  But we are all friends here, right? You all have to comment to make me more comfortable.  If you've read this far, you are committed. ;) --- My husband and I had...
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After a month of recuperating from the girls' first birthday party, here it is....FINALLY.  Who knew throwing a twin birthday bash would be so much fun? AND so exhausting?!  My husband told me that he learned one thing, and one thing alone from this experience.  That he WILL be giving me 'cash in an envelope' for my girls' weddings. ;)  Ha....
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My little man just turned FOUR. Where does the time go? {sniffle}. They just grow up too fast. Listen to me,...I am turning into my mom. Before we moved across country, Noah had a special birthday party with his friends. Do you remember his 3rd Golf Themed Party? Or how about my twins' 1st Sweet Shoppe Party? Well, just to show you that I...
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