Fabric Ornament Makeover

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Fabric Ornament Makeover

I am so thrilled to introduce you to our guest this week! Angie, from The Country Chic Cottage is a master at transforming ordinary objects into works of art. I love her tutorial this week because it reuses old Christmas ornaments and transforms them into something vintage-chic for mere pennies. YES! So, don’t go anywhere! You’ll want to check this out.

Hello all!!  I am Angie with The Country Chic Cottage!  I am thrilled to be here on How Does She!!  Y’all can’t see my happy dance from there can ya??  😉 The Country Chic Cottage is all about decor, transformations, crafting, and tutorials…all while on a budget! I started blogging after a new year’s resolution to spruce up my home decor. The twist? No budget to do it with! :) Come on over and follow along with my adventures!

So do y’all need some more ornaments?  This rag ball ornament trio might just be for you!
Maybe you have some ornaments still in the attic that just aren’t your style anymore.  You can use these techniques to cover them up and make ’em gorgeous!  First up?  The muslin rag ball….

Fabric Ornament Makeover
For this one you will need some muslin, spray adhesive, your trusty glue gun, your printer, and a ball.  The ball can be styrofoam like here or an old ornament you want to cover up.  Anything will work!
Fabric Ornament Makeover
Now we are going to print right on that muslin!  Yep just your standard printer will work!  You need a piece of cardstock.  Through trial and error I determined where my muslin should be located on the cardstock and marked it.
Fabric Ornament Makeover
Rip your muslin to just a little smaller than the cardstock.  Use spray adhesive to attach your muslin to the cardstock.  Use any computer program to make red words running lengthwise.  Run that muslin attached to cardstock right through your printer!
Fabric Ornament Makeover
Rip it into strips.  Why rip??  Those gorgeous shabby, frayed edges!!  Don’t cut…rip!
Fabric Ornament Makeover
Start wrapping your strips around securing each end with a drop of hot glue.  Save one strip for the hanger on the top.
Fabric Ornament Makeover
If you are using a styrofoam ball, insert an eye hook or something on the top.  Run your last strip through the eye and tie.
Fabric Ornament Makeover

You have rag ornament #1!  How about adding #2?

Fabric Ornament Makeover
Same basic concept as above you just rip your muslin to 7 inches by 9 inches.  Print any picture or words you want.

Fabric Ornament Makeover
Wrap around the ornament or ball and tie with a ribbon.  Just use the ribbon to hang on the tree.

Fabric Ornament Makeover

Y’all stop on by the cottage for even more projects and tutorials!  You don’t wanna miss…

Rose Petal Chandy

Fabric Ornament Makeover
For your little diva!

Burlap Christmas Tree

Fabric Ornament Makeover
Rustic burlap becomes a gorgeous tree!

Sewing Pattern Christmas Tree

Fabric Ornament Makeover
Sewing patterns are beautiful!!
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Y’all come on over and hang out!  I would love to have ya!  Also check out my etsy shop while you are there!  :)
I had a blast being on How Does She today!  :)  Thanks bunches!!

Fabric Ornament Makeover


Thank YOU, Angie! I love the idea of printing directly onto fabric! Ooooh, the possibilities! Time to go and re-dress some old Christmas ornaments! Now, don’t forget to stop by The Country Chic Cottage and say ‘hello’ to Angie for me!

    1. December 17th, 2010 at 10:34 am
      Missy says:
      What a great idea! My kids could even help with this - their favorite ornaments to hang are the ones they have made through the years:)
    2. December 17th, 2010 at 11:00 am
      Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage says:
      Thanks so much for the feature!! :)
    3. December 18th, 2010 at 12:29 am
      Shelley says:
      Fabric ornaments! I hadn't thought of them in years! They are so vintage and classic. I love it. :) Reminds me of my grandma.
    4. December 20th, 2010 at 11:30 pm
      alysha says:
      This totally brings me back to my childhood. All we ever used at first was fabric ornaments. :) Such fond memories, thank you for the awesome tutorial!
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