Chic Halloween “Glowing” Jars

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Chic Halloween Glowing Jars

 I’m not really one for creepy crawlers, scary eyeballs, or dead-looking things as Halloween decorations for my home, but I do love to have an excuse to change my decor and dress up like someone else for a day. 😉

This year I made a fun, glowing Halloween jar that adds a beautiful, little ambiance to my evenings.

It’s amazingly easy…and I know you’ll want to make one too…

Chic Halloween Glowing Jars

So, here is what you need:

Chic Halloween Glowing Jars

  •  a jar with a flat exterior {I saved a spaghetti jar}
  • a candle
  •  some rice
  •  some tracing paper
  • these printables:

Chic Halloween Glowing Jars

{download HERE}

Print these Halloween wrappers on tracing paper {it is the thin paper that you can see through – although, the thicker version is better on your printer. I like to use the ones you find in a notebook instead of a roll.}. 😉

Chic Halloween Glowing Jars

Cut them out and use double sided tape to apply it to the jar, or feel free to modge podge it…I just had a feeling a might want to switch out the banner for different holidays.

Add some rice and a battery operated candle {or a real candle, but those are hard to light in a skinny jar}…

Chic Halloween Glowing Jars

…and that’s it! Awesome, huh! 😉

Chic Halloween Glowing Jars

I have loved having it on my entertainment center with the pretend light flickering in the evenings.

I also plan to make a few more and place one on each stair going to my front door for when those little ghost, goblins, princesses, and parents come trick-or-treating at my door…

Or maybe I will cluster them amongst some pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns…

Or maybe I will line them up on a window seal…

Or maybe I will wrap a bunch of different type of jars and cluster them all together…

Okay, these are just too much fun…Good thing they’re so cheap and easy!

Chic Halloween Glowing Jars

What are you going to do with your glowing Halloween jars?

I would love to know…or even better, see a photo! Leave me a comment and I’ll come and check them out!

PS Those HALLOWEEN TEXTURAL DECOR BALLS, you saw in the first photo, are fun to make too!

Chic Halloween Glowing Jars

PSS For even more ideas….check out our PINTEREST BOARDS!

What is your favorite Halloween DIY project that YOU have completed?

Happy October!!

Thank you to the ladies at Eighteen25 for featuring this fun project! Every single day in September they shared some of the cutest Halloween craft ideas during their Spooktacular event. Thanks for including us!

Chic Halloween Glowing Jars

    1. October 2nd, 2012 at 9:33 am
      Alison says:
      Cute Caley! I like how it looks 'glowing' through the paper!
    2. October 2nd, 2012 at 3:38 pm
      amy g. says:
      Great idea! I love it. Very tasteful and so easy. Right up my alley.
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