Chic, DIY Halloween Decor!

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Chic, DIY Halloween Decor

It’s another Halloween Post! {Because you can never have enough Halloween posts!} 😉

If you missed it, last week Alysha shared some adorable Halloween party food ideas and AmberLee shared a cute and delicious Halloween centerpiece with FREE printables! Don’t miss them!

Today, we’ve got a few do-it-yourself Halloween Decor ideas!

This year I made a couple Halloween texture balls (surprise, surprise, I know.} We are in small, temporary housing, so this was a good, small project I could do quickly to spice up the place.

DIY Halloween Textural Decor Balls

What You Need:

A couple styrophome balls

A hot glue gun or  pins

A textural, dense, garland

Chic, DIY Halloween Decor

Start with a large amount of hot glue and press the end of the garland into it (with scissors or something, no burned fingers here!) Let it sit enough to melt into the styrophome and harden.

Chic, DIY Halloween Decor

Start wrapping the garland around the started point, covering the ball, and gluing it as you go!

Chic, DIY Halloween DecorChic, DIY Halloween Decor

Finish with another generous amount of glue, snip the garland, and begin decorating! {Decorating tip: decorate in odd numbers, it’s more pleasing to the eye. Therefore I made 3 of these! Took me only about 30 minutes and 1 garland.}

Chic, DIY Halloween Decor

We have gathered quite a few other DIY Halloween decor ideas on Pinterest! Here are just a couple…

Chic, DIY Halloween Decor

Ellie at “Less Cake More Frosting” teaches you how to make this adorable tree!

Don’t you love how chic it is? I’m all about the chic/cutesy Halloween decor, not the gory, creepy stuff. Call me a scaredy cat, but I don’t even like the dark in my own house. 😉

Chic, DIY Halloween Decor

Tiffany at “Creative Outlet” put together these cute skull framed portraits!

Sparkly skulls? I can handle that! Especially with gold, spider ribbons!

Chic, DIY Halloween Decor

Our very own Alysha has some great decor ideas with spiders, candy corn, and pumpkins! Oh my!

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**And if you’re looking for even more decor, treats, and Halloween outfit ideas, visit our Halloween collection! There are some fun ideas there too!

Happy Haunting!

Chic, DIY Halloween Decor

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