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The moment you've been waiting for all Summer is finally arriving! You can see Once I Was A Beehive in theaters early. YAAAAAYYYYYY! A few pre-release (sneak peek!) screenings of the movie for the public will be at locations in Utah (see below for details).  PRE-RELEASE SCREENING PERKS: --> Key cast members will be in attendance at each...
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Hi there! Sorry that I was gone last week! I got a flu and it totally wiped me out! for today we have this braided flower tutorial. It is such a beautiful hairstyle especially for wedding season! And the best part about it is how EASY peasy it is to achieve! I really hope that you all enjoy this tutorial and recreating the look! Thank you...
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costco cover
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Thank You! We love you! You are the reason a little blog 6 years ago has turned into what is now HowDoesShe.com. Because it is fun to share good news with the people you love, we want to share something we are pretty excited about! About six weeks ago we were interviewed by Costco and did a quick photo shoot in hopes of landing the cover of the...
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While you were hashtagging (featured)
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  I've noticed something lately that is alarming.  I've seen it in myself, my friends, my family, and complete strangers. Let's back up only eight years to when Apple first introduced the iPhone.  Before that, phones were dumb; they could call and text...that's about it.  When smartphones started cropping up like like moles in that...
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Laundry Hacks_edited-1
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25 Laundry Hacks to make your life easier! I've got a laundry room that never seems to get empty.  With 7 of us, there's always a ton of laundry, so I need all the tips I can get.  Thought I'd share my latest finds!   1.  Got grease stains?  Just rub some chalk over it before the wash and it will get absorbed in the wash....
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Our Ultimate Summer Outdoor Toy Guide It's Summer! Are your kiddos out of school? Summer means PLAY in our family. The days are long and warm. We stay up later, play harder and enjoy everything about the outdoors. You two? We've rounded up our Kids (and our!) favorite outdoor summer toys. Everything from water toys, to riding toys, to insect and...
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07.20.15 Twisted Updo
indeahair copy
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Twisted Updo Hi guys! Welcome back! This weeks tutorial is on this beautiful twisted updo. This hairstyle is GORGEOUS on those of you lucky enough to have naturally curly hair! But don't worry, naturally curly hair isn't a requirement for this hairstyle. If you have naturally wavy or straight hair this style can still be achieved the same...
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Take a Hike and Lose Yourself--and some calories (featured)
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My husband has always been big into the outdoors. By the outdoors, I don't mean he likes to spend a couple of hours at a barbecue in the hills; his idea of the "outdoors" is hiking out in the wilderness. I like visiting wilderness areas as well, but I draw the line at overnight backpacking trips. Staying overnight often means tents, freeze dried...
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diy cheap custom barn lights (featured)
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Lighting makes a space and it always seems to be the budget breaker as well. In decorating my son's room I had my heart set on some beautiful, kelly green barn lights from an online store. They were also ridiculously overpriced at $340 a piece. I was determined to get the look for less. Here's how I did it. I found some outdoor lights at Lowes for...
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coca cola (3)
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The following is a sponsored post, but opinions are my own. I love my Diet Coke! As a wife and mother, I find myself sharing constantly. My food. My bed. My time. My space. What used to be only "Andrea's" has quickly become "the whole family's". I'm okay with that. Being a mother is the happiest role I have taken on and I'm grateful to...
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