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Hair Bow Bun Tutorial #hairbow - www.howdoesshe.com
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  Hair Bow Bun Tutorial Hi everyone! I attempted to do a tutorial on my little lady this week. As you can see it was a little hard for my camera to stay focused because she was a little wiggle worm! I love this cute hairstyle in her blonde hair and I have also been seeing it a lot this spring, not only on little girls but teens and...
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Camps featured
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  Are you or your teens/tweens looking for a great way to earn some extra money this summer?  Hosting summer camps is a fantastic way to earn a little cash for the upcoming school year, plus have a lot of fun in the process!  Here are some helpful summer camp ideas to get you going! These great tips come from an amazing friend of mine...
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 Crocs have always been a hit in our family. They're easy to get on. Easy to wash off. We wear them to the park, the zoo, in the garden etc. etc. BUT did you know that Crocs AREN'T just your ordinary CROCS anymore? They've branched out into hundreds of different styles and I can't get enough. The same comfortable, easy shoe in everything from...
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I love snacks. Like, I snack 24/7. Do you like snacks? I've been trying to really focus on healthy snacking. Good bye Doritos and handfuls of chocolate chips......We try to stick to fruits and veggies and other healthier choices. Sometimes, however, we need quick things to stick in my purse when we're on the go. I wish I were more prepared with...
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Big Deal Starts Today
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Thrive Life is having a sale they are calling the BIG DEAL.  They have two large sales each year: one over Black Friday weekend and the other in the spring.  During these two sales, every single Thrive food storage item is on sale, some as low as 30%-50% off.  In addition, the more popular food rotation systems are also on...
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the dirty truth about your home featured
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The Dirty Truth About Your Home- Learn to REALLY clean your house  There are so many hidden germs and bacteria in our homes. How many times a week do you clean your kids tooth brush holder, the remote control to the t.v. and your kitchen knobs? I try to clean my kitchen knobs once a month, but if I knew how dirty kitchen cabinet knobs are, I...
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graduation party featured
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  Hats off to your new grad, who is entitled to a little Pomp and Circumstance in their step!  Here are 19 of our favorite graduation party ideas to celebrate your preschooler, Kindergartner, 8th grader, high school grad, or college graduate! 19 Cap-Tossing Graduation Party Ideas 1. Have a popcorn bar 2. Cap pops 3. Caps off...
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Tissue Box featured
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  Don't toss those empty tissue boxes just yet!  Here are 23 amazing uses for empty tissue boxes---from crafts, to home decor, to preschool tools, and even a homemade piñata!  I'm loving these tissue box transformations! 1. Towel holder 2. Convenient discard for used tissues Great for cold season! 3. Kids car wash 4....
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a goodbye letter to my babies featured
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  Today marks the bittersweet end of an era.  Today, I'm closing a chapter in my life that has lasted six years and yielded me four precious little beings--little bodies that I harbored safely within my own for a combined 160 weeks.  Perfect little people that share my eyes, their dad's nose, and have brought me joy beyond...
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DIY Leather featured
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I'm loving everything about leather right now and these ideas have me totally jazzed to cut up my old leather purses, hit the thrift stores for leather, or order some from Amazon so I can get to work! 1. Lovely leather bracelets  2. Leather journal 3. Geometric leather necklace 4. Cut-out leather cuff 5. Leather feather earrings...
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