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We are so excited to welcome guest poster, Sarah Titus, who is the founder and CEO of "Saving Money Never Goes Out of Style". Sarah is here to share some fabulous money-saving solutions that you might not have considered before! Take it away, Sarah! There are many ways to save money around your home, but you may not realize some key...
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Save Money Christmas featured
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  Although November has just begun, many of you have holiday shopping on the mind.  Save yourself a bundle this Christmas by following a few of these  budget-friendly guidelines. 1. Plan everything ahead of time. Avoid aimless aisle perusing, over-spending, and impulse purchases.  Keep a list on your phone for every person you are buying...
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With a million things to do and a million directions to do them in, busy moms can use all the help we can get!  Check out the top apps recommended for moms by readers like you.  For the complete brainstorming session on our HowDoesShe Facebook page, click HERE. Scheduling & Lists 1.  Cozi (FREE): manages every aspect of family life...
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  It seems like everyone is looking for ways to cut back these days.  No matter how much we make, there's always going to be something that gobbles up our hard earned cash.  Here's some of my favorite budget saving tips! 1.  Everything I've been reading laetely says to start with a budget.  Write it all down.  Here's a great...
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Could you go without shopping for a month?? What about 2 months? I challenge you to a shopping fast. Guess how much time women spend shopping each year? a. 500 hours b. 199 hours c. 600 hours d. 399 hours (answer to come) Let me first explain myself.  About 10 years ago I was noticing I was spending a lot of money on a lot of items I...
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Welcome to JanYOUary; the year of you. 2014 is going  to be all about your health and happiness. As I get older, I get busier and there is less time for me.  I dedicate all my time to my family, job, and cleaning.  This isn't a bad thing, but what about me?   My health, sanity, and most importantly helping others (which makes me happy)...
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20 + Easy Ways to Save Money and Get BAck on Track plus a BONUS TIP!
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The beginning of a new year is always a great time to reevaluate our spending habits and get back on a good plan for our finances.  Especially after the holidays, who can't use a few new ideas and reminders for our money? I'm loving these tips and I hope you can find them helpful too! 1. Have you seen the 52 Week Money Challenge? It's...
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This is a very happy Tuesday! We are pleased to welcome another fabulous guest in our budgeting basics series, Kristen, who is going to school us in how to budget like a PRO! We will be rocking the pocket books like never before with these 8 budgeting tips. Take it away, Kristen! Budget Basics: The beginning is a very good place to...
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We are so thrilled to be welcoming another fabulous guest writer, Selena, who is sharing 6 tips to help us dream BIG on a budget. Love that! Take it away, Selena! Creative financing...sounds fun, right? Maybe even glamorous. I can tell you it is far from glamorous! However, when applied consistently and with goals and dreams in mind, it is...
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We are so excited to welcome a fabulous guest to HowDoesShe, who is going to help us all save some real money on our next road trip! I know I can sure use some help in this area! Please give a warm welcome to Paula! Paula is a young wife, mama and writer. Her passions include blogging, the hot Houston weather, watching her kids giggle, budgeting...
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