18 Leftover Thanksgiving Food Recipes to make your Mouth Water
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There's only one thing better than the delicious Thanksgiving dinner we're about to have, and that's the leftovers you get after the meal!  It's just as exciting and oh so delicious.  We've rounded up 18 amazing ways to bring some excitement to those leftovers and leave your mouth watering.... enjoy! 1.  This Turkey Pot Pie looks super...
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ButternutSquashKalePasta1 featured image
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I am a huge fan of butternut squash and kale-- I just love the combination of texture, color, and flavor.  It is a great way to start any dish, really. I have had them for breakfast by adding some sunny side eggs, I have had them in stews and soups, with a warm bowl of quinoa, and I have wanted to try them  with some pasta. Dinners don't...
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We travel to northern California every summer because my in-laws live there, and that is where my husband grew up.  One of my favorite places to visit is a beautiful place called Half Moon Bay.  It is all about farms and everything fresh. Everywhere I went everyone was talking about all things tomatoes.  Everyone had  freshly picked...
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Can I tell you a little story? It stars yours truly, so it's bound to be entertaining (ha ha). When I was pregnant with my fourth child, I had a craving. It was a very specific craving and it begged to be satisfied. It was a craving for Vietnamese Spring Rolls from a local Vietnamese restaurant. I would be up, at 2am, wanting these things so...
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Well this is it darlings, our last episode of the salad dressing series.  I decided to focus this {part three} on fruit based salad dressings. These are lovely with a few notes of heat and savory to balance the sweet overtones of the dressings; care should be given to what ingredients you decide to add to the salad.  Remember, the goal...
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I am thrilled to welcome back Stephanie, from "Natural Girl Diary" - A Resource for Joyful, Natural Living! She is here today to share a super fun (and surprisingly EASY - oh, and did I mention HEALTHY?) snack idea for your little leprechauns! Take it away, Stephanie! Are you in need of an after school snack for kids or a party appetizer on St....
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BRONCOS or SEAHAWKS? Do you live in a house full of Football Fanatics like I do? The SUPER BOWL is right around the corner! Time is ticking…countdown to kickoff! I am planning a BIG Super Bowl Bash! I need food…lots and LOTS OF FOOD! (And some football personality to add to the spread would be nice too!) Thank heavens there are brilliant...
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    It was 5:00 pm., my children and I were comatose starving, slightly lightheaded-bordering on cranky. We needed to eat something before all …well, you know, broke loose!  “Dinner, yes.  Dinner tonight.  What-am-I-making-for-dinner?"   I say as I open my fridge.  “Right, I bought lettuce the other day for a salad....
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Gravy is one of the simplest dishes on the Thanksgiving menu, however it is also one of the most important. It's the gravy that adds so much of the flavor to all of the Thanksgiving dishes, so it is worth finding a perfect gravy recipe for the holiday table. This Cider Gravy is bursting with flavor and can even be made ahead of time so you...
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Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is on its way!  To make your holiday more enjoyable and delectable, I have put together four easy recipes that will hopefully make your Turkey Day and the next day’s leftovers more inspiring and enticing. The first is a sweet, savory twist on the classic Thanksgiving stuffing. This one made from scratch is...
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