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Fun Healthy Vegetable Snacks for Kids Have troubles getting your kids to eat their vegetables? We did, until we decided to give these vegetable flowers a try! So fun and easy!   With those yummy vegetables on the side, serve up this delicious pull apart pizza for dinner! Who doesn't love pulling apart their dinner!? Ha! Have...
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taco salad
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Delicious and Easy Taco Salad What a fun way to serve up taco salad! Whether it's for a neighborhood party or a summer picnic, these individual tacos are sure to be a hit! Watch the video for all the details on making this Delicious and Easy Taco Salad!   For dessert how about some chocolate covered strawberries? Jet over to our...
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Secret Weight loss Weapon: Protein Recipes Chyna is back with some delicious protein recipes to help us with our Summer Slimdown Challenge! Hi Everyone! Just wanted to check in and see how your Summer Slim-Down Challenge is going! Who tried out Week 1's stability ball challenge? Sometimes it's hard to create a new habit. As they say...
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15 Easter Side Dish Recipes You Can Prepare in 10 Minutes
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 I've got an assignment to bring a side dish for Easter Dinner. Anything I'd like. So what's that going to be? I turned to the internet to find 15 fabulous side dishes that I can bust out quickly and that are still delicious! Here's my finds.... in case you need some great recipes too! 1. Albeit the slow cooker won't be fast, but throwing the...
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15 Delicious Mason Jar Salads to Make Your Life Easier
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    In need of an easy and healthy lunch you can take on the go? I'm thinking these mason jar salads are going to be the perfect solution! Here's 15 of the best recipes on the net! Enjoy! 1. Great way to make a bunch of chef/garden salads! Love the great step by step directions here! 2. Asian Salad - add some grilled chicken...
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10 Amazing Chicken Recipes Under 400 Calories fb
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Chicken Recipes Under 400 Calories Here are 10 Chicken Recipes under 400 Calories.  Are you looking for some amazing dinner ideas that aren't going to make you feel like you have to run a marathon to burn off all of those calories?  I have found 10 amazing chicken recipes under 400 calories that you (and your waistline) are going to...
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healthy thanksgiving 2
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  15 Healthy Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes That are Still Delicious Watching what you eat this holiday season? I'm excited to find that there's lots of great recipes out there and with just a few little tweaks you can still eat like a king! 1. You might be surprised what ingredient they use to make this sweet potato casserole nice and...
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17 Clean-Eating Healthy Pumpkin Recipes to Rock Your World
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 17 Clean-Eating Healthy Pumpkin Recipes to Rock Your World I think I'm not alone when I say that there's nothing that really compares to a yummy pumpkin pie or pumpkin chocolate chip cookie this time of year. However, if you're watching your waistband and trying to eat clean, that can sometimes be tricky! I'm excited to find these clean...
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Move Over Peach Jam, Here's 17 Peach Recipes You Won't Want to Miss
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 Move over Peach Jam, Here's 17 Peach Recipes You Won't Want to Miss! Last week we spent a few days on vacation down in Southern Utah. It would be fair to say the theme of our stay was fresh peaches. My parents had taken down a bunch of peaches from their peach tree and we ate them at almost every meal. Then during the weekend my brother and...
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ashley tomato featured image
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We travel to northern California every summer because my in-laws live there, and that is where my husband grew up.  One of my favorite places to visit is a beautiful place called Half Moon Bay.  It is all about farms and everything fresh. Everywhere I went everyone was talking about all things tomatoes.  Everyone had  freshly picked...
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