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    In need of an easy and healthy lunch you can take on the go? I'm thinking these mason jar salads are going to be the perfect solution! Here's 15 of the best recipes on the net! Enjoy! 1. Great way to make a bunch of chef/garden salads! Love the great step by step directions here! 2. Asian Salad - add some grilled chicken...
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We travel to northern California every summer because my in-laws live there, and that is where my husband grew up.  One of my favorite places to visit is a beautiful place called Half Moon Bay.  It is all about farms and everything fresh. Everywhere I went everyone was talking about all things tomatoes.  Everyone had  freshly picked...
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 This Whole Grain Fruit Salad is amazing! It may not look like much, but it is the kind of recipe that you can't help but rave about once you've tasted it. Packed with whole grains and fruit, then topped with a healthy sweet dressing, this salad not only tastes good but is also a dish you can feel really good about eating!  This time of...
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Well this is it darlings, our last episode of the salad dressing series.  I decided to focus this {part three} on fruit based salad dressings. These are lovely with a few notes of heat and savory to balance the sweet overtones of the dressings; care should be given to what ingredients you decide to add to the salad.  Remember, the goal...
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  A vinaigrette has evolved in its use over the years to become an essential flavor booster to not only dress salads (their best friends), but to be included in the marinade clique, the sporty sauce group and the snobby fruit juice cheerleaders of freshness. A Vinaigrette Primer A great vinaigrette is rooted in flavor balance...
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 We all know how cute the mason jars are right?  Well, combine the awesomeness of Mason Jars with some delicious food and you've got a good thing going.  I'm thinking I've got to try these! 1. This Asian Salad looks delicious.  Add the dressing to the bottom of the jar so it doesn't get soggy!  Genius! 2. Chopped Taco Mason Jar Salads...
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While I didn't make specific food related goals for the New Year, I do plan to continue trying to eat healthy, whole foods as much as possible. However, after all the holiday sweets I allowed myself to indulge in last month, I am returning to my healthy meal routine with a renewed vigor! This lightly sweet and crunchy Winter Citrus Salad...
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    It was 5:00 pm., my children and I were comatose starving, slightly lightheaded-bordering on cranky. We needed to eat something before all …well, you know, broke loose!  “Dinner, yes.  Dinner tonight.  What-am-I-making-for-dinner?"   I say as I open my fridge.  “Right, I bought lettuce the other day for a salad....
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  It's official, summer is winding down and we are jam packing our days and evenings with every last bit of adventure and fun in the sun. Which means there isn't a whole lot of time to spend slaving away in the kitchen. Thank goodness for quick and easy summer salads. Besides, with all the bounty from your garden (or... your neighbors) you...
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While strolling through my local farmer’s market I found myself gathering ingredients to make a fresh, garden-inspired fruity salsa. But, I remembered I had a head of lettuce that absolutely needed to be used or it would rot a slow, slimy death in my crisper - ‘cause who knows when I would think of it again?  So, I changed my mind from making...
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