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   Oh, juicy delicious peaches, it is your time to shine!  Nothing beats fresh peaches and there are so many scrumptious ways to use them.  We've scoured the digital universe for the absolute BEST peach recipes for your own viewing and baking pleasure....
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07.21.14 Rainbow Cake
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Want to make a big impression this summer and have the cake at your next party be the one that everyone will be talking about? I may have just the solution for you. When I think about what to share with you, the word dessert is the first to pop into my head. Desserts are fun, colorful, warm our hearts, and everyone loves them. There is no...
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Looking for a dessert that is the perfect 10?  It's delicious and perfect for any occasion--- impressive parties, potlucks, or Monday night Bachelor guilty pleasures.  Oh, and it only uses FOUR ingredients.  A child could literally throw it together in 10 minutes. This dessert has been a family favorite for many, many years.  This year, I...
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 Going camping is a fun adventure! With summer practically here, I know for sure that camping will be on a priority list of many this year. To be honest, when I think of camping, I don't think about comfortable beds or a good night sleep-- I think about the fun my kids will have and the food. Like s’mores: a perfectly toasted marshmallow...
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If you know me at all, it's no secret that I love homemade chocolate chip cookies. My friends get cookies for pretty much every event in their lives. Sorry guys. Maybe someday I'll make you something else. Why do I make cookies so often? #1. Difficuly: EASY. #2. Time: 20 minutes. #3: They're DELICIOUS. There are, of course, a lot of good...
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05.19.14 Kit Kat Cake
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Here we are in May already, can you believe it? Which means that the backyard parties, picnics, graduations, birthdays, and more are in full force. This is not the time to panic or despair. With a little bit of imagination and patience, your next cake can be the star of the party and hopefully this recipe will help you feel less overwhelmed...
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  Summer needs to be fun and easy.  The meals and treats we make for our families ought to follow suit. So, today I’ve shared four summer recipes that all branch from one mother recipe.  If you memorize the base formula as a place to start, adjust for the sweetness of fruits you choose, only your imagination...
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Woman, friend, sister, daughter, mother, aunt, co-worker, boss, niece, granddaughter, grandmother - our roles as women are endless aren't they? Trying to excel in each of those roles can feel overwhelming, but it doesn't have to! There are ways to simplify, and even half-hearted attempts have a lot of value! This month we have been sharing ways to...
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  These Amazing Lemon Blueberry Bars come to you from my third trimester pregnancy cravings for all things Lemon! With only six or seven weeks left until my newest little one makes his great appearance, I am fully embracing all of my pregnancy cravings. If ever there was a time to indulge a little, this is it! Luckily, most of my cravings...
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I can't wait for you to meet Sarah.  I have been trying to get her on here since summer!  She has the most creative ideas and is a fantastic cook.  AND we are related!  Well, the wife of my cousin is related, right?  Good enough.  Meet Sarah... Hi, I’m Sarah. I live in Richmond, Virginia with my cute hubby who is way too nice to me...
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