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5 Ways to Soothe A Child's Cold Symptoms At Home (featured)
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5 Ways to Soothe A Child's Cold Symptoms At Home 5 Ways to Soothe A Child's Cold Symptoms At Home:  After 81 months of pregnancy, roughly 72 months of nursing babies, nine children, 5 hrs average sleep on the good nights, countless sack lunches,  and (what feels like) a billion runny noses- I consider myself a seasoned parent. Not seasoned...
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peppermint white hot chocolate (featured)
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Oh, how I adore my warm winter drinks.  My happy place during the cold months includes a huge sweater, a roaring fireplace, and a warm mug in my hands.  Plus, I'm a hot chocolate addict.  It's delicious.  And warm.  And chocolatey. Every Christmas Eve I make a big batch of this creamy crock pot hot chocolate for our family to wake up to on...
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Pumpkin featured
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August barely turned to September and I was already scouring the store for pumpkin flavored goodies.  I don't know what it is about pumpkin recipes that get my taste buds tingling, but here are 21 of the best, most scrumptious pumpkin recipes the web has to offer! 21 Best Ever Pumpkin Recipes 1. Pumpkin cinnamon rolls  2. Spiced...
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strawberry sesame smoothie featured image
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The weather is warming up and strawberries are starting to show their shiny red faces in the markets again! I love this time of year with all of the fresh produce showing back up in the garden and at the market. Lately, we can't get enough of all the strawberries! While a good, juicy batch of strawberries is easy enough to just gobble up on...
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Flavored Water featured 2
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Things are heating up this summer and it's so important to stay hydrated.  But sometimes, it gets a little boring drinking plain old water.  Spice up your beverage game with these refreshing flavored water recipes that are 100% natural and contain no added sweeteners.  Healthy, delicious, and an impressive display for any gathering! 29...
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a twist on lemonade - keeping it healthy and natural feature
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Put a Twist on Lemonade: Natural and Healthy Lemonade A tall glass of homemade lemonade is so refreshing on a hot, summer day.  If you've got lemons, making freshly-squeezed lemonade is so easy!  It only calls for three ingredients: lemon juice, water and sugar.  Easy!  Since the hot months are coming quickly, I'd like to share with you a...
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01.06.15 Apple Pie Floats
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Aren't ice cream floats the perfect instant treat? I mean really, they take what,... a whopping 30 seconds to make?!  Instant satisfaction! :) I know ice cream floats are a huge hit at my house, especially with the kids. I recently stumbled across a brilliant idea... Apple Pie Floats! I know, I know, it kinda sounds crazy, but trust me. If...
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18 Chocolate Recipes to Warm You Up Perfect for Christmas Morning
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 18 Hot Chocolate Recipes to Warm You Up: Perfect for Christmas Morning Hot Chocolate is a favorite at our house, but only if it's made by my hubby. He makes the best hot chocolate and that's the only one the kids like. Hey, who am I to complain? Haha! If you're in need of a new hot chocolate recipe, you've come to the right place! Enjoy! 1....
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hotchocolate4 copy featured image
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The weather is cold outside.  The snow is falling.  And a cup of hot chocolate will hit the right spot and warm the belly.  Skip the store-bought hot chocolate packets that are filled with corn syrup and hydrogenated oils and make your own hot chocolate recipe in minutes!  Whatever you use, whether its cocoa powder or melted chocolate, it's...
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healthypumpkinshake3 featured image
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Morning protein shakes are my go-to for breakfast.  I love mixing different fruits and veggies in my shake.  So, when the weather turns and the leaves change colors, pumpkin is my favorite shake add-in.  It's like having pumpkin pie for breakfast but without the fat and calories!  Did you know that pumpkin is really healthy for you?  Just...
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