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Award Winning Chili That Even A Kid Could Make (featured)
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Award winning chili - that even a child can make! When ever I start to cook or bake my children run into the kitchen and take over.  Sometimes I love it; like when I am not in a hurry, and sometimes it is a little annoying--like when it is 7 pm and dinner hasn't been served.  I remember cooking and learning from my mother.  She would cook...
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easy peasy lemon and red pepper baked mushrooms (4)
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I always come across the most delightful main dishes to serve for supper - I've got a pinterest board FULL of them! But it seems like I spend so much time focused on the main dish, that I almost ALWAYS neglect any kind of side dish. If I'm super focused, my kids might get some of that bagged salad thrown on the side. That's on a good day. Can you...
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Candy corn
by  |  posted under Desserts, Fun With Kids, Halloween, Video
HowDoesShe Make Candy Corn Caramel Apples? Loving all the fresh apples right now brings great possibilities for oh so many apple desserts! I was feeling extra inspired as I read this delicious post by the talented Nicolette. I love her twist on the classic caramel apple and decided this is just what our autumn season of desserts has needed at...
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vegetable tian featured
by  |  posted under Appetizers, Recipes, Sides
Okay, I know what you're thinking. WHAT is vegetable tian and how can I have some in my belly right now? I feel you. I had never heard of this dish, but when I saw a photo of it, I immediately thought of the dish in the movie "Ratatouille". Right? I had to find out more because, let's face it, this is one pretty vegetable dish. I love pretty....
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Slice Up Your Apple a Day (featured)
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We've all been taught that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.  So how do you eat your apple for the day?  Whole or sliced?  When fall comes around, I'm sure you are consuming more apples in a day than you did all summer long.  After we do our traditional family apple picking outing, I use up most the apples we pick for homemade...
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tidy joes
by  |  posted under Main Dishes, Video
HowDoesShe Make Tidy Joes? You'll be Amazed at How EASY it is! Forget Sloppy Joes -try these TIDY Joes, you'll love how mess-free they are! We eat a lot of sloppy joes at our house, in fact, they are one of my favorites! But the kids were getting a little tired of them, so I decided to mix things up a bit. These Tidy Joes definitely did the...
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delicious breakfast dogs featured
by  |  posted under Breakfast, Recipes, Summer, Uncategorized
Now that September is in full-swing, I finally have time to go through all of my summer vacation photos.  Every July we go to our cabin in southern Alberta, Canada.  It's the most magical place on earth (oh wait, that's Disneyland) and it's fun to see my kids growing to love it just as much as I do.  My daughter cried inconsolably for a good...
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Spices featured
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Ever had all the ingredients out to make tacos and looked in your pantry only to find you're out of taco seasoning?  Arrg!  Or want to make your favorite pumpkin chocolate chip muffins only to find you never replenished your pumpkin pie spice?  Ooh, I hate that!  Luckily, you can make pretty much all spice mixes yourself.  Here are 16...
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by  |  posted under Appetizers, Christmas, Family Time, Holiday, Main Dishes, Soups, Uncategorized
Enjoy this post from our archives - perfect as autumn sneaks up on us! This week, Mother Nature decided it was time she brought snow for the Holidays, and right now is the perfect time to enjoy a lovely bowl of soup; to be more specific, the ubiquitous French Onion soup. I have, however, decided to give it a...
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Sports 2
by  |  posted under Family, Family Time, Fun With Kids, Inspiration, Organization, Parenting, Recipes, Shop, Time Management, Uncategorized
  Life with super-involved kids gets crazy...believe me, we know.  That's why we put together this really awesome guide to help you curb the crazy.  You know, those days when you have to run to pick the kids up from school, stuff a Pop Tart in their mouths, and then zip them over to soccer/football/dance/gymnastics...
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