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By now you've probably seen a lot of washi tape floating around stores, blogs, and crafting circles. There are so many amazing ways you can use it, but sometimes you need a simple DIY project to get your washi tape feet wet. Here are five easy ways to use washi that will get your creative juices flowing. 1. Party Decor   This may seem like...
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I dread making lunches for my kids' lunch boxes. Dinners I can do, but for some reason lunch is hard for me. If it is not a sandwich - I'm out. And what about all those veggies and fruit I would love for my kids to be eating? A lot of time I get overwhelmed and just give in to school lunch. But this year I want to change. I want to send my kids...
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kitchen hacks
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Life is busy and every spare minute you can squeeze in the day is valuable.  These genius ideas will have you marveling, "Why didn't I think of that before?"  Here are 18 handy tricks that will make life a lot easier when it comes to the one room we undeniably spend the most time in: the kitchen. 1.  Use frozen sponges for cheap,...
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Do you remember my pantry re-organization when I opened up a whole closet worth of space? I still LOVE my organized panty, but notice at the bottom left corner...see all the cans? This system of stacking with cardboard worked pretty good, but I found a product that made can organization WAY better! I love it when you find products that solve...
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This post goes out to whoever does the dishes at your house. After this simple craft you will never hear the words, "Are these dishes clean or dirty?" again! No lies, this is 100% guaranteed. Do you know what's even better? This craft is so easy, fast, and cheap to make! You might even be done making it before the dirty dishes pile up. And that...
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ashley chickens for beginners (featured image)
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April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks Go.  ~Christopher Morley, John Mistletoe It's true, isn't it? Spring time has a magical way of getting to the "get up and go" in each of us. Talk of spring cleaning, organizing, starting new goals, revisiting old goals, and just DOING seems to pop up as often as the tulips do. The...
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Some mornings I wake up to a tired brain that is spinning with endless internal sticky notes all reminding me of something I need to remember. Did I feed the dog? Don't forget to take that library book back. We are out of milk.  Did I respond back to that email? Yikes, what should I make for dinner? Sound familiar? I mean the list goes on...
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  Do you remember what it was like to have just gotten your license and drive a car without your parents? For me, I felt so grown up… like I just cut off the strings of parent dependency!  However, that feeling came to an abrupt halt as I found myself confused staring at the gas pump. One minor problem… I didn't know how to pump gas!...
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If you're a girlie girl like me, you probably have a ton of earrings. My current system of digging through a box that contained all my earrings, entwined together just wasn't cutting it anymore. Plus, I found myself not wearing earrings nearly as much because I couldn't see what I owned and my ears went naked for months! I decided to change...
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  It is true. I am a dreamer.  Ever since I can remember I would dream about what I wanted my life LOOK like...where I wanted TO BE... and what I wanted my life would FEEL like.  No wonder New Year's eve is my favorite holiday. The anticipation and celebration of the year past along with the new year to come...I love it. It's a...
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