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Sometimes the men in our lives are busy, or the handyman is booked until next April...sometimes we ladies must take matters into our own hands! Here are 16 life-changing secrets to help you maintain a better home.  1. How to paint super straight lines. 2. Get ink stains out of leather. I haven't tried Amodex yet, but I have two WHITE...
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kitchen hacks
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Life is busy and every spare minute you can squeeze in the day is valuable.  These genius ideas will have you marveling, "Why didn't I think of that before?"  Here are 18 handy tricks that will make life a lot easier when it comes to the one room we undeniably spend the most time in: the kitchen. 1.  Use frozen sponges for cheap,...
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the done list featured image
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To-Do or not To-Do, that is the question. I have a wide pendulum swing when it comes to To-Do lists. There are times when I am obsessively writing, writing, writing everything I will do on a given day and checking off the items as I go. At these times, I will often add times to each item so my day is a series of overscheduled minutiae. At other...
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It's May ~ hooray!! The weather is quickly getting warmer and outside entertaining has already begun for us in Las Vegas.  But, for most people in the country the weather is perfect for spring cleaning your back yard and getting it ready for the first party of the year. My husband and I love to have friends and family over all year round and...
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carina dishwasher featured image
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This post goes out to whoever does the dishes at your house. After this simple craft you will never hear the words, "Are these dishes clean or dirty?" again! No lies, this is 100% guaranteed. Do you know what's even better? This craft is so easy, fast, and cheap to make! You might even be done making it before the dirty dishes pile up. And that...
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I am sure by now you have heard about essential oils and maybe even have some friends who offer theirs up when you get a headache or start coughing.  You might kindly refuse wondering if your friend has gone a bit crazy? At least that is what I did when I first heard about them... "You mean to tell me that if I rub this oil around my kids' ear a...
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  Do you remember what it was like to have just gotten your license and drive a car without your parents? For me, I felt so grown up… like I just cut off the strings of parent dependency!  However, that feeling came to an abrupt halt as I found myself confused staring at the gas pump. One minor problem… I didn't know how to pump gas!...
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Rooaarr! A good song can take you from supine on the couch to jumping up and shakin' your thang the second you hear that upbeat tempo. Music has the power to motivate, inspire, and even elevate your mood.  While watching the recent winter Olympic games, I couldn't help but notice nearly every athlete wearing a pair of inconspicuous ear...
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I am about to show you my pantry. My unorganized, overstuffed, embarrassing pantry. Please, no judging. :) I only feel comfortable doing this because it doesn't look like this anymore! I fixed it and I learned some great tricks along the way that I want to share with you. Maybe you already know all of these, but they were serious light bulbs for...
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GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED! Congrats to winners:  Amy H., Denise; and Emily W. Tell me you've seen our fantastic new Ebook, "Your Top 12 Contest Winning Homemade Cleaning Recipes"?  What about the amazing printables from Chickabug which come with it? We're super excited with how it turned out and know you will be too! The book is chock - full of...
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