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Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions – 5 Ways to Get Back on Track (featured)
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Keeping New Year’s Resolutions – 5 Ways to Get Back on Track How are you doing keeping your New Year's Resolutions? January is moving along at a steady clip. The kids are back in school. The holiday chocolate has all been devoured. New Year’s resolutions are… wait, what? New Year’s what? Oh, yeah. I’d already forgotten about...
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10 post-holiday survival ideas on a budget (featured)
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How many of you are sad that the holidays are over? I know a lot of you are ready for the holidays to be over and get your life back to normal but it's hard for a lot of people to say good bye to the most wonderful time of the year and all the good cheer.  My family doesn't live near me so I love winter break when we can spend time with them...
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cleaning book and printables
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We're so excited to announce the exclusive PRErelease of our brand spankin' new Ebook!  "Your Top 12 Contest Winning Homemade Cleaning Recipes" brought to you by...YOU! We asked you for your BEST, no nonsense cleaning product recipes. We spent hours in our "lab" (aka our own dirty houses) testing all your submissions and these were our...
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Get Your Memories Back! How To Digitize Your Old Home Movies (featured)
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  Get your memories back! Out of that old box and from the corners of the garage. Last year for Christmas, all my mom wanted was her huge brown box full of old home videos archived safely. "Oh ok, no big deal mom, I'll get right on that... "  I counted- the box had 26 old VHS tapes and another 16 small hi-8 tapes from our old...
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Meet Circle. A new way for families to easily manage content and time online for every device in the home.  Every family needs this in their home. Don’t believe me? Watch this video clip and you’ll be sold too. Why I love my Circle I am passionate about Internet safety. I go to presentations about how to protect my kids from all...
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thrive squash soup featured
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Hi everyone!  It's finally time for the Thrive food Black Friday deals.  I'm excited for this chance to stock up on my personal food storage at great prices.  Lots of my favorites are going to be on sale this week. The sale begins Friday morning November 27th and ends on Monday November 30th at midnight on the Thrive website.    I'm...
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motivation to clean and organize your life (featured)
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Motivation to Clean and Organize Your Life - What Can You Bear to Do Today? Do you ever hit that point where you know what you need to do, you know that now is the time to get it done, and you also know that you can’t possibly bring yourself to do it? I get to that point more often than I’d like to admit, especially during the winter...
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thrive featured
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This year I have my eye on the Thrive Black Friday sale.  I'm going through my Thrive food like mad right now so I'm hoping I can stock up on all my favorites.  I have a crazy appetite that is almost taking over my life.  Why?  This little guy. For one, he has me up all night.  When you're not sleeping,  you crave carbs, lots of...
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Organize toys featured
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  Before gearing up for a lovely holiday season, including the arrival of many new toys from Santa's industrious elves, I'm looking at the bazillion toys that my kids already have that are scattered all over our house.  How in the world do I organize them all?  If you also suffer from toy-flamation...here are some really cheap and...
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Printable Binder Covers featured
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Kids are back in school and hopefully they're loving their new classrooms. The week before school started, I was walking the isles of Target with kids in tow picking up supplies. It seems as though every list my kids had showed they needed a clear front binder. My daughter had her eyes set on a fun striped binder with glitter - but sadly there...
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