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Thrive Family Favorites2
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In addition to being great food storage, THRIVE is healthy, tasty, and convenient for making meals with kids! My kids really do love Thrive. The first thing they ever tasted was the corn and they asked if it was...
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Employee Evaluation for Stay-at-Home Moms
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I’m a stay-at-home mom. Mostly. I write things and sometimes people pay me. I will not go on and on about getting questions like, “Do you work?” because of course I work. We all do. Whether we’re freelance writing at home, digging ditches, or caring for our children, it’s work. So, yes, I work, but for the bulk of my work I don’t get...
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Remember those times you're dragging in the groceries and maybe a kid or two, have your arms loaded down and your heavy door slams shut each time you go in and out? It's never an easy thing to lug in all your stuff, that's why I'm excited for this simple trick! Thanks Jared! I can't wait to try it...
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 It's good to be prepared in the car whether it's a road trip or even a quick trip to the grocery store or ballgame, you never know when emergencies will come. We went on a road trip last weekend and it got me thinking about how prepared we were for emergencies. Here's a few great ideas to help you too!    1. Of course, you're going to...
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Freeze Foods featured
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  I hate running to the store for for fresh ginger, or throwing away an entire container of half & half because the recipe only called for one cup and the rest went bad.  Here are 25 "Why didn't I think of that before?!" foods you can actually freeze to save you in a pinch for later. 1. Buttermilk and Half & Half Most...
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food hacks featured Collage
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  Everyday I learn something new in the kitchen, and I'm always looking for the simplest methods to do things.  These brilliant hacks had me saying, "Ah-ha!  Why didn't I think of that?"  I am especially dying to try out the mason jar blender trick! 1. Always have fresh ginger on hand Put fresh, peeled ginger in the freezer, then...
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laundry-hoop-featured image
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I've been in the mood to organize lately and this past weekend I took my mood out on my linen closet, or more specifically, my girl's linen closet. We needed a little hamper for towels but I didn't have any room to put a normal pop-up style hamper because of the shelving we installed.  I jokingly told my husband that I have a good mind to hang...
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shower-shimmy-featured image
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This is a sponsored post. However all of my opinions related to the product are my own.  --- Before you run to your closest Target to buy one of these amazing puppies, you should know that it was recently invented, and it JUST became fully funded for production on MONDAY this week! Whoohooo! Congratulations to the momtrepreneur that created...
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We are so excited to welcome guest poster, Sarah Titus, who is the founder and CEO of "Saving Money Never Goes Out of Style". Sarah is here to share some fabulous money-saving solutions that you might not have considered before! Take it away, Sarah! There are many ways to save money around your home, but you may not realize some key...
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Oh mama featured
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Being a mama can be totally awesome, utterly exhausting, and one heck of an emotional roller coaster with plenty of ups and downs.  I think we can all agree that having a support system is a must.  When I get together with my girlfriends or meet other moms for playdates, we love to chat about kids, fashion, parenting, the best places to buy...
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