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A few months ago my son had his eighth birthday. One of the gifts, from my sister who is working close to Zion National Park, was an excavation kit. I had never seen one before, and when we opened the box we saw some small tools and a brick of sandy plaster. My eight-year-old went to town and stayed consumed with the excavation kit for four...
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I always wanted to be a mom, just not necessarily a stay-at-home mom.  My education and career were too important for me to just throw away.  Upon graduating with a B.S. in English, I figured I'd become a teacher, have a few children (whom would fare just fine in daycare) and be a model PTA mother and career woman. My entire life changed...
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the done list featured image
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To-Do or not To-Do, that is the question. I have a wide pendulum swing when it comes to To-Do lists. There are times when I am obsessively writing, writing, writing everything I will do on a given day and checking off the items as I go. At these times, I will often add times to each item so my day is a series of overscheduled minutiae. At other...
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nag-300x415featured image
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Would you like to tell your kids something once and have them listen? Tired of the yelling?  Tired of the whining?  Tired of being tired?  You’re not alone.  From toddler temper-tantrums to teenage talking back, parents wonder what it takes to get kids to cooperate.  If you’re tired of nagging, reminding and yelling to get kids to...
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alysha-no-more-boredom-post-featured image
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My good friend, Jessica, is the queen of the outdoors. She is a high adventure enthusiast, blogger, mom of 3, crafter, still finds time to garden, and is a great cook! AND, her kids are always active! So I had to ask her. How did she accomplish all those things, and yet still maintain her sanity?! Especially since we all know simply taking care...
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summer reading star
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*Update (May 20, 2014) - You asked for it!  Here is a quick crash course on how it all works! Happy Summer and Happy Reading! --- The kids are almost out of school, and the dreaded 'Summer-Mush-Mind' is about to set in. {It's contagious you know} ;) Well NOT if we have anything to do with it!  HowDoesShe to the rescue. I was literally...
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kathryn who do you think you are featured image
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Truly. Who are you, deep down in your cream-filled center? If you had a five minute interaction with a complete stranger, would she come away knowing the you that you want to make known? In those five minutes, would your words and actions be in line with your core beliefs and ambitions? For me the answer is – sometimes. It depends on the...
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At first glance you may see a somewhat put together woman… Take a closer look and you may find messy hair, dark circles under the eyes, un-manicured nails, and baby food splattered all over my clothes. I am a mother of young kids. Come into my home and you will most likely see toys scattered around the hall, laundry unfolded in...
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nicolette lesson in kindness featured image
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  In high school, I had what can only be described as an epiphany.             One day, while walking to Spanish class, an older girl approached me in the hall.  She sneered, scrutinized me from head to toe, and then laughed as if she’d just heard a hilarious joke.  Except it was just the two of us in the hall.  I felt...
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04.04.14 Family Painting
emily family painting featured image
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Finding inexpensive indoor family activities can sometimes be difficult, and often leads to the same old "movie and popcorn night". While we enjoy a movie and popcorn as much as the next family, I am always looking for something else. When I saw this brilliant idea from my sister, I knew I had to try it out. She bought a large piece of...
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