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Easy Teacher Gift Using Free HowDoesShe Printables I don't know about you, but I'm the kind of mom who LOVES to spoil the kids' teachers, but don't have a lot of money or time to do anything huge. That's why I'm loving these adorable Thank You Teacher Printables that are free to print from our HowDoesShe Freebies area. I mean seriously, how...
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Easy 2x4 Teacher Appreciation Gift Here is an easy 2x4 craft you can make for all the teachers you want to thank! I can't take credit for this, it is Alison's genius - I just photographed it and since I stole a post from her a while ago, I am writing it up also.  She has a plethera of 2x4 craft ideas, you can check them out, here. What's...
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School is coming! Remember these?... Once again, chickabug has pulled off an adorable FREE printable set, exclusively for HowDoesShe readers. The best part,... this little mini-pendant! REALLY?! Eek! I picture stringing the mini-pendant, putting it in my kid's back pack, and having them quickly hang it on their teacher's desk. Sometimes a...
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  Are your kids counting down the days to summer? Mine are...and I am too! It's that fabulously thrilling time of the year where we say HELLO to summer break and GOODBYE to homework, packing lunches, and watching the kids run like the dickens to catch the bus before it leaves the bus stop. But, along with this excitement of sleeping in...
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        My kids have some pretty fabulous teachers right now, and it's always fun to spoil them a bit, right? I don't think teachers expect much at all, they just like to know they are appreciated just like the rest of us! If you're like me and need some great budget friendly ideas, here's 20 ideas that they...
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"Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you." - Walt Whitman Each year, as Mother's Day draws closer, my thoughts turn to my mom (of course) and how much I love her. I start thinking about gift ideas that would in some way convey the gratitude I feel for her, and be genuinely meaningful. I have done photo...
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07.09.13 DIY Terrarium
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Confession: I am a serial plant killer. Flowers, ferns, vegetables, and even succulents die under my care. Over-watering, under-watering, too much sun, not enough sun - I just can't get it right! A few weeks ago, when my latest Jade plant died after a year and a half of suffering, I started to look for my next victim. A friend suggested...
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Hello! We are the gals from HowDoesShe and we are so excited to be a apart of this awesome Teacher Appreciation series! Our childrens' teachers give so much of their time, talents, and energy for our children to succeed, so why not give them a little something to show your appreciation for their work? Make a date with your child and customize a...
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This month we have really been stretching our creative muscles, trying everything from repurposing a ruffle throw to putting some sunshine into our snacks! It feels so GOOD to get creative and use that part of our brains. When life gets stressful, hard, or even boring - it is satisfying to the senses to cultivate something beautiful and new, isn't...
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Endless lesson plans, hundreds of papers graded, hours of recess and lunch supervision, communicating, teaching, listening, smiling, and loving - we love our teachers! While we love to show our appreciation for all they do, all year long - the end of the school year is an especially important time to how how much we love and appreciate them! But...
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