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Yesterday Bobbi-Jo shared some awesome Craft & Project ideas we can all use to celebrate the 4th of July or adapt to fit a celebration for our own countries.  Like Bobbi, I'm Canadian, so we'll be celebrating on the 1st! Whatever country you're from... It's time to have fun with being patriotic!! ...the perfect time to share a super...
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01.06.15 Apple Pie Floats
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Aren't ice cream floats the perfect instant treat? I mean really, they take what,... a whopping 30 seconds to make?!  Instant satisfaction! :) I know ice cream floats are a huge hit at my house, especially with the kids. I recently stumbled across a brilliant idea... Apple Pie Floats! I know, I know, it kinda sounds crazy, but trust me. If...
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Hosting a New Year's Eve Party?  Here's some fabulous DIY festive decorations you're not going to want to miss!  Your friends and family are guaranteed to have a blast while your decorating budget remains intact.  How awesome is that? 1. You've got to have a Photo Booth Backdrop!  Learn how to make one with this great how-to. 2.  Make...
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Top 10 New Year's Eve Adult Party Games
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Hosting a New Year's Eve party with a bunch of adults coming?  Or maybe you're assigned to bring a fun game for the group? Here's a lot of fun ones you can do!  Most don't even take a lot of prep work, be prepared to have a good time! 1. Trivia games are always a hit.  Love that they have already done the work for us. 2.  The name game...
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18 New Year's Eve Traditions You Won't Want to Miss
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Celebrating New year's and traditions seem to go hand in hand. What a great time to pause and reflect on our past and how to improve our future.  Loving these 18 traditions, hope you can enjoy them too! 1. Do you eat any lucky food?  Here's a list of 5 foods you should eat for good luck!  Might have to do this this year! Ha! 2. Speaking...
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nicolette time capsule featured image
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  {2004} Ten years ago, I left my small Idaho town to enter the much larger fish bowl of university life.  I was starting fresh, in a new state, with nothing but big dreams in my pocket.  My $6 an hour dream job at the movie theatre gave me free popcorn, soda, and movies.  How could life possibly get better?  My most frustrating...
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Organize your time…put it on the calendar! What's that? You don't have a 2014 calendar yet? Don't worry, iShareprintables.com has your back! Check out all the great styles you can print up…for FREE!  Click on the link or the image to take you to iSharePrintables.com, then click on the image to take you to the download!...
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  It is true. I am a dreamer.  Ever since I can remember I would dream about what I wanted my life LOOK like...where I wanted TO BE... and what I wanted my life would FEEL like.  No wonder New Year's eve is my favorite holiday. The anticipation and celebration of the year past along with the new year to come...I love it. It's a...
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emily new years resolution white board featured image
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Well it's that time again, and everyone is determined and enthusiastic about their New Year's resolution. However, February rolls around, and then March, and by April you're thinking "What was that New Year's resolution I made?" This is something I have faced again and again.  For most of us, we're just trying to get through the day, and looking...
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carine clothespin featured image
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I don't know about you but I feel like my to do list grows longer everyday!  I try to stay organized but when life gets extra busy I have been known to forget things.  In order to minimize my forgetfulness, I wanted to make something where I could write a reminder and pin a note. Isn't it cute?! I have been dying to try chalkboard paint and...
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