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T-shirt designs featured 2
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All graphic tee designs are available for immediate download in the HowDoesShe Store now! Graphic tees give so much personality to a plain old shirt!  Your kids will look adorable in them.  No question.  People will stop you in the store and rave about how darling your children are.  Old ladies will pinch their cheeks. These t-shirt...
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T-shirt Tutorial Featured
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Making your own graphic t-shirts is so much fun, and a very inexpensive way to individualize your kids' wardrobes.  We are thrilled to bring you our brand new t-shirt transfer designs, created just for HowDoesShe by the talented Honeyhawk Design. See all of our unique designs here! Easy T-Shirt Transfer Tutorial Here's what you'll...
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I live with a big jock. Sports are always on. Sports are always being played. Even loading the dishwasher becomes a competition. It's fun to see that love being instilled in my kids already as I feel like that sports can be an important addition to childhood (Read more about that HERE). When I asked my husband want he was hoping for for Father's...
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Wacky wrap featured
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  Gift Wrapping Ideas I've always been up for a good laugh, and these wacky gift wrapping ideas wont disappoint!  Step outside of the box with your gift wrapping and get creative.  {My brothers will just cringe with #10!} 1. Wrap it up in that old shirt that is always the brunt of some joke. 2. Wrap it up with your own mug...
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circle template
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I have to be honest. As well as I know my husband, he's REALLY difficult to buy gifts for. He, on the other hand, is the best gift giver ever, so I wanted to do something else for him this year outside, of course, of the kids' million (sweet) handmade gifts and pictures (which are his favorite). I wanted to share with you what I found because it...
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07.31.14 Sloppy Joes
sloppy joe featured image
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Fall is here and that means one thing at our house. Football season! I couldn't deny all of you ladies the recipe that seems to be our game day essential. I never liked sloppy joes when I was little and I think it had to do with the fact that it usually came from a can. This homemade, super easy and DELICIOUS recipe will have you wondering how...
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Hip Hip Horray! It's almost Fathers Day!! Celebrate the Father in your life with these fun printables from iSharePrintables.com. Serve him Rootbeer with a "straw-stache"... Give him a coupon book sure to make him smile... List the reasons you love him... Or print up a card and write a sweet note to your Papa! So many fun ideas for that...
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15 Homemade Gifts for Dad Under $5
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 15 Homemade Gifts for Dads Under $5 This year, our father's day will be spent at our annual family reunion in a cabin with lots of cousins, aunts and uncles. I'm trying to rack my brain with some simple and easy gifts that all the cousins can make for their dads while we're there to make the day extra special for them! I think I've found some...
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Every occasion cards
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YaY! It's time for NEW printables!! Don't you hate it when you get done wrapping your baby shower gift (which has already made you 5 minutes late to the shower) and you can't find a card to put on top?  All you can find is a thank you card.  URG.  Never again!  Enter the all occasion card.  Print these babies out and you will never have...
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Somewhere along the way we grow up. Fort building and tree climbing are replaced with jobs and responsibilities.  We loose interest in play and using our imagination. We find it difficult to live in the present moment as we let the worry and planning consume our mind. But what if I were to tell you that inside each of us is an inner-child...
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