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Best Strawberry Shortcake Recipe with Angel Food Cake: See How Easy it Is This is the birthday cake I ask for every single year. There's just something about fresh strawberries and angel food cake that is so delicious! The kids always know it's mom's birthday when the strawberry shortcake is getting baked. These individual servings are so much...
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cute rainboot planter tutorial (featured)
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Is anyone else as excited about spring as I am?! I don't know what it is about budding flowers and trees spouting fresh green leaves, but I love it! The bright colors, warm sunshine, and light breeze put a spring in my step (no pun intended). This project is my celebration of cheery spring and flip flop weather! I guarantee these cute little...
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kerri butterfly pasta featured image
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  Every year I say I'm going to do a better job at decorating for spring time. It seems like every year I get too busy and decorating gets pushed to my mental low priority list. Well, not this year because I'm using my noodle.....literally! Yes, I busted out a box of bow tie pasta and spaghetti noodles and created a little bit of...
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I'd love to say I've been planning Easter baskets for weeks; but, let's be real. I haven't. At all. Except for those mini-Cadbury eggs.....but I NEEDED chocolate last Tuesday and those are now gone. Oops. Perhaps there are other moms like me? Those who appreciate a good online shopping experience and the contents of Easter goodness sent...
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15 Easter Side Dish Recipes You Can Prepare in 10 Minutes
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 I've got an assignment to bring a side dish for Easter Dinner. Anything I'd like. So what's that going to be? I turned to the internet to find 15 fabulous side dishes that I can bust out quickly and that are still delicious! Here's my finds.... in case you need some great recipes too! 1. Albeit the slow cooker won't be fast, but throwing the...
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Let's get crafty and make some fun Easter memories with those who matter most! I've found some super fun Easter crafts to get us through, I hope you all enjoy! 1. Isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen? This Peep House is fun to make whether you like to eat them or not! 2. Now don't these Pom Pom Easter Chicks make everything cuter?...
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 Is your front door looking a little bare these days without a wreath, like mine? Why not welcome spring in with a fun easy to make one! I've rounded up some FANTASTIC spring wreaths  with great tutorials to make it super easy for us all!  Happy Spring!  1. This easy burlap spring wreath with the adorable eggs is just so sweet! 2. I...
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Here are some great ideas that you can do with your child to create and have fun with something as simple as a little Washi Tape! The colors are designs are endless when it comes to picking out the perfect roll!   1. These are perfect for your kids to frame their favorite picture! 2. Make cute craft stick dolls! 3. Keep your kids...
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Peeps...they are EVERYWHERE right now! There are so many things you can do with those little marshmallow chicks and rabbits.  Here are a few of my favorites that I found. 1. Love Rice Crispy Treats?  Make them colorful with Peeps!    2. Love decorating Gingerbread houses?  What about Peep Houses?!?   3. Need some...
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emily fairy garden kit featured image
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A few weeks ago I went to a friend's house and got a tour of her lovely backyard. Nestled in the gorgeous flowerbed was a tiny house with a stone path and a small arbor, a few little toadstools and a teeny tiny bouquet of flowers. I asked my friend and she told me it was her granddaughter's fairy garden, a fun little something they do together. I...
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