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Is it just me or did summer come and go so fast this year? I used to think I couldn't wait for my kids to go back to school, but now I wish time would slow down and they would stop growing. It is so important to enjoy your children at every age.  It really does go by way too fast. As their summer vacation draws to an end, I try and remind my...
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Is it possible that the last day of school is just around the corner? It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was running around gathering school supplies with excited kids in tow. Now, my kids are anxiously awaiting the arrival of summer vacation and all the fun that comes with it. I can’t help but look back at the school year and...
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I am sure by now you have heard about essential oils and maybe even have some friends who offer theirs up when you get a headache or start coughing.  You might kindly refuse wondering if your friend has gone a bit crazy? At least that is what I did when I first heard about them... "You mean to tell me that if I rub this oil around my kids' ear a...
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I have a thing for apple orchards. I recently had my family pictures taken at one (by the talented Amy Lynn) and just three days ago I went on my yearly trip out to buy apples with my aunt at a different orchard. I love traditions!   I look forward to getting apples every year!  We always go to the same orchard even though there...
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Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies   School mayhem has begun at my home, but in spite of the craziness I wanted to create a blissful, (possibly unattainable), domestic memory for my children as they walked in the door;  the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Chewy , gooey, gleefulness (real word?), with a solid milk mustache to...
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  It's officially that time of the year...BACK TO SCHOOL season! If you love the chalkboard craze as much as we do...check out these fun Printables over at iShare Printables.  There are a lot of super talented graphic artists who share with iShare...which means all of us have totally scored some stinkin' cute Back to School Chalkboard...
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 It's Happening!  Back to School time is here.  Capture the fun memories of growing kids with a NEW CANON CAMERA OR win one of 3  - $50 gift cards to Amazon. It's easy to enter! Oh and share it with friends to get bonus entries!...
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If you're like me, back to school season means new clothes and shoes for the masses. Time to throw out those dirty Tom's adorned with holes due to  my little man wearing them every. single. day the past 9 months. I have to admit, one of  my more exciting events in life is dressing up my dolls...I mean, children. ;) Funny how they look...
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With back to school and Fall fast approaching, I thought I would share one of my favorite up-cycling tricks for little girl jeans! We all know nothing screams "girly" more than lace and frills, and this includes both! With a little trim and a bit of styling, your little girls will be rocking these cute lace pants! Try it on shorts and skirts, as...
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The summer days are numbered and "back to school" preparation has began. It can be a hectic, stressful, emotional, and scary time for kids...and even parents! Banish that fear and bring those beautiful smiles back with some of these awesome "back to school" ideas for you, the kids, and even the teachers! Celebrating, instead of stressing...
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