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Free pritnable Valentine's banner (featured)
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My kids love to help decorate the house for every holiday. I see picture perfect homes in all their beautiful holiday splendor and I think how wonderful it would be if my house looked like any one of the thousands of pictures I come across. But that would mean taking the decorating out of the hands of my kids and they would be devastated. They...
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valentine printables circle thumb
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FREE Valentine's Day Printables I love that Valentine's Day makes us take a second to evaluate the importance of the relationships around us. Yes, even those sweet little kiddos who hand out trinkets and candy are realizing that the people around them are special, and that they are grateful for them. To help make Valentine's Day a special (and...
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100 date night ideas for under $30 free printables
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  "Never stop dating your wife. Never stop flirting with your husband." These are great words of advice and are sure to help keep a marriage (or any relationship) fresh and new. I don't know about you, but for me - living these words can get difficult when the dating creativity gets in a rut. I can't count how many times we resort to...
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circle template
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MERRY CHRISTMAS! You asked...we listened! You LOVED the Halloween printable banner so much you wanted a Christmas one! I'm glad because so did I! :) Chickabug came through with some serious Christmas charm in the perfect bright and trendy red and green! You are going to find all sorts of uses for this! Use the printable for wrapping your...
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hot chocolate stand circle thumb
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Piles of dirt, debris, crushed cars,  and destroyed homes are now what you see when you walk down the cluttered street of a close-nit community in New York. Hurricane Sandy not only took homes and businesses, but robbed the lives of many.  This drawn-out devastation left tens of thousands without power, without transportation, without warm...
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emotion pumpkins (featured)
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  We are pleased to welcome our guest, Sara Watkins, who is back to share some insights on fostering emotional intelligence in our children. What is emotional intelligence? Read on! My mother is a therapist. Growing up I was not a fan of her career choice. She was always talking about feelings. And not just with me, with my friends, my...
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graphic stock featured
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*This is a sponsored post in behalf of Graphicstock, but all opinions are my own. I think GraphicStock is amazing and know you will find them amazing, too!* There's just something about this time of year that people love. The kids are settled back into school routine, the holidays are approaching and the hot temps from the summer...
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Printable Binder Covers featured
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Kids are back in school and hopefully they're loving their new classrooms. The week before school started, I was walking the isles of Target with kids in tow picking up supplies. It seems as though every list my kids had showed they needed a clear front binder. My daughter had her eyes set on a fun striped binder with glitter - but sadly there...
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Get Your Kids to Talk to You With These After School Questions FREE Printables! How's the after school conversations at your house? If it's anything like mine has been, you're not getting a whole lot of info or details. They all say in unison that their day was good and off they go to grab a snack. Now enter these adorable After School...
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snow printable circle thumb
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Do you have snow?! I don't. Sniffle. I've been dreaming of a white Christmas but, here in the South, that's just down right wishful thinking. I was just starting to feel REALLY sorry for myself and, more importantly, my kids, when Chickabug emailed a brilliant idea. With a couple of simple ingredients, and a ridiculously adorable printable, we...
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