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Recently I moved to the South after living in the Northeast for 10 years.  While settling in and discovering my new Southern surroundings, I was informed that I had to visit Scott's Antique Market, which is the largest antique market in the United States. I must say that I was impressed by my first visit to the market and left with a basket...
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A couple of weeks ago I came across a new iger and was so fascinated with her style of braids.  She started about 2 months ago and is growing so quickly.  I'm excited to share her video's with you.  She is amazing!! @anniesforgetmeknots  Take it away Annie! Hello Everyone! I'm so excited to be able to share some of my YouTube...
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  Why should the young girls have all the fun? Here's some amazing braid tutorials for the more grown up crowd! 1. For those with short hair, this is a beautiful braid!  Here. 2 The Braided Bun... perfect for a special day or even a day at the office.  Here. 3.  Ever seen these great bohemian side braids? I haven't until now but I...
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Statement tees are all the rage.  Cents of Style, has you, and your kids ready to step out in Fall with these darling tees adorned with your choice of wording. Hurry and get yours at this special HowDoesShe reader exclusive price (expires 9/30)! 50% off all graphic Ts (womens, Kids, work out tanks) (Retail: 24.95-32.95) Use coupon...
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Could you go without shopping for a month?? What about 2 months? I challenge you to a shopping fast. Guess how much time women spend shopping each year? a. 500 hours b. 199 hours c. 600 hours d. 399 hours (answer to come) Let me first explain myself.  About 10 years ago I was noticing I was spending a lot of money on a lot of items I...
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 I am continually looking for new ways to use old things, making them fresh, fab, and exciting.  Add a little something unique to your style with these hot ideas that you may not have thought of before! Click the side arrows below to see all 11...
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  1.  DRINK WATER  Have you ever consumed a gallon of water in a day?  There is not a lot of room left for junk food.  Try it for 30 days.  #30watergallonchallange  I'm on day 14 of the water challenge and I've lost 4 pounds.  - Not to mention I've got more energy and feel a ton better! 2.  Use a smaller plate. It helps your...
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Let's be honest. You don't do much for yourself anymore. Kids. Husband. Job. We're busy! Sometimes I feel like I'm forgetting to take care of me! We have a simple solution for this common problem. GlossyBox. GlossyBox is a monthly box subscription full of 5 beauty items - makeup, skincare, haircare, etc. These aren't your run of the mill,...
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All the money you saved from back to school sales can now be spent on your own back to school shopping...well back to OLD school shopping that is.  Nothing gets me more excited than a one of a kind 1950s vintage dress or skirt that fits like it was made for me. Why do vintage clothes always fit so well? Not to mention the feeling I get as I am...
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I just love summer! How has yours been so far?? Mine has been fabulous and not only because of all the fun time spent with family but because I am hitting my fitness goals (8lbs lost!) and feeling great with our Get Fit Challenge! When the How Does She gals were talking about doing a fitness challenge in July- my first thought was- NO WAY-...
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