Candy corn
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HowDoesShe Make Candy Corn Caramel Apples? Loving all the fresh apples right now brings great possibilities for oh so many apple desserts! I was feeling extra inspired as I read this delicious post by the talented Nicolette. I love her twist on the classic caramel apple and decided this is just what our autumn season of desserts has needed at...
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Healthy Body Image featured
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  We are pleased to introduce Tanya, from www.twowisechicks.com, who is here to share a post that hits close to home, for me. This is such an important message to all of us, and we are thrilled to have Tanya sharing her perspective with us! Let's give her a warm, HowDoesShe welcome! I feel like somewhat of a fraud writing about...
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Halloween photos
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Decorate for Halloween with a FREE Photo Banner Printable I think I'm in love! Displaying these fun halloween photos of the kids through the years has been so much fun! The kids just love looking at the pics and it just puts a smile on my face every time I walk past this banner. The best part? It's a free printable! As a subscriber of...
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KIDS INFINITY SCARVES - Only $5 SHIPPED!!!!!   Use code "KIDSCARF" to get them 50% off HERE- I'm a little obsessed with my wee ones in scarves. Aren't they DARLING? And the perfect accessory as the weather cools off! These are also a fantastic way to add some layers and colors to your Fall family photos! Can't wait to use them in...
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Decoding your food cravings (featured)
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Happy day! We are so excited to be welcoming a fabulous guest contributor today. Meet Jessica, from SmartNutrition who is here to help us decode our food cravings, and can't we ALL use help with that? Have you seen the latest “nutrition” charts that are going viral? "If you crave chocolate, you’re low on magnesium… if you crave sugar,...
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tidy joes
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HowDoesShe Make Tidy Joes? You'll be Amazed at How EASY it is! Forget Sloppy Joes -try these TIDY Joes, you'll love how mess-free they are! We eat a lot of sloppy joes at our house, in fact, they are one of my favorites! But the kids were getting a little tired of them, so I decided to mix things up a bit. These Tidy Joes definitely did the...
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Get Your Kids to Talk to You With These After School Questions FREE Printables! How's the after school conversations at your house? If it's anything like mine has been, you're not getting a whole lot of info or details. They all say in unison that their day was good and off they go to grab a snack. Now enter these adorable After School...
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Citrus Bath Bombsfeatured
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Happy day! We are thrilled to welcome Ashley, from Simply Designing, who will be sharing a fun bath bomb recipe that you might be tempted to eat, it smells so amazing. Let's give Ashley a warm HowDoesShe welcome! Hi everyone, I'm Ashley!  I love to craft, DIY, bake and design and I am absolutely thrilled to be here today!  I love...
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IMG_2484 copy
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*This is a sponsored post in behalf of Børn Shoes, but all product opinions are my own. Basically, Børn Shoes are amazing!* --- Who else is excited for Autumn!?  There is something magical about the chill in the air, the leaves changing colors, hay stacks, and of course the obvious wardrobe opportunities! Layering clothes, wearing...
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michellegiffordphotography featured image
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We at HowDoesShe.com are pleased to welcome a fabulous guest who is here to share some tips that will make your next family photo session a piece of cake! Michelle Gifford is a family and senior photographer in Southern California.  She is the momma to four amazing kids and the wife to her tall, dark and handsome husband.  She believes there is...
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