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Thank You! We love you! You are the reason a little blog 6 years ago has turned into what is now HowDoesShe.com. Because it is fun to share good news with the people you love, we want to share something we are pretty excited about! About six weeks ago we were interviewed by Costco and did a quick photo shoot in hopes of landing the cover of the...
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Laundry Hacks_edited-1
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25 Laundry Hacks to make your life easier! I've got a laundry room that never seems to get empty.  With 7 of us, there's always a ton of laundry, so I need all the tips I can get.  Thought I'd share my latest finds!   1.  Got grease stains?  Just rub some chalk over it before the wash and it will get absorbed in the wash....
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21 Recipes for those Delicious Fresh Strawberries I love this time of year - it's almost time for spring and these delicious fresh strawberries will soon be cropping up! It's the perfect time to have a birthday, eh? I always request a strawberry shortcake cake smothered with strawberries. I might have to shake things up a bit after looking at...
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Take a Hike and Lose Yourself--and some calories (featured)
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My husband has always been big into the outdoors. By the outdoors, I don't mean he likes to spend a couple of hours at a barbecue in the hills; his idea of the "outdoors" is hiking out in the wilderness. I like visiting wilderness areas as well, but I draw the line at overnight backpacking trips. Staying overnight often means tents, freeze dried...
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halfupbraid featured
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  Half up Braid Tutorial Hi there! I have my cute sister in law with me for todays tutorial! I think this is such a pretty hairstyle for those girls who love to be a little girly but not look like they put a ton of effort into the look. I hope that you all enjoy the tutorial, thank you guys so much for the support and for checking out...
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50 ways to wear a scarf You are not going to believe how many pictures are in this post. Actually, you probably are ... cause the title told you. But still. This is probably breaking some kind of How Does She world record or something ... cause those exist. Anyway. Here they are. All 50 of them. Mostly embarrassing, but maybe helpful. The...
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  Hey guys! This weeks tutorial is on 3d braided pigtails! I LOVE this look for sporty little gals as well as just hanging out at birthday parties! My sister in law sheridan wore her hair like this to basketball practice and every girl wanted to know how to do it and had sheridan show their moms! She was pretty excited about it! I...
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18 Ways to Avoid the Summer Brain Drain
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18 Ways to Avoid the Summer "Brain Drain" You know how summer has so many possibilities for lots of fun and learning and memories? And then on about week 2 it all goes down the drain (or is this just me? ha!)? I've been thinking there's got to be some fun and easy ways for kids to learn and still have fun, you know so they can avoid the summer...
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fishtail3 featured
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  Easy Fishtail Tutorial Easy Fishtail Tutorial Hi everyone! Like I mentioned in my basic dutchbraid tutorial we have received a lot of requests for a basic fishtail braid as well. So Here is this tutorial to work on! we will be learning how to achieve the dutch fishtail braid in a few weeks so stay tuned! I hope that you all love...
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halo3 featured
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Topsy Tail Tutorial: Hey guys! It is heating up quick and the last thing I want on these hot summer days is to have my long hair getting stuck to my neck from sweat! Yuck! So I wanted to put this modified version of the halo braid on here, using the good ol topsy tail. I love this hairstyle for summer because like I said it keeps the hair...
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