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This is a sponsored post for Børn shoes. We only support products we truly love. --- Booties. Where have booties been my whole life? I mean, seriously, booties to winter are like the flip-flop to summer. Now don't get me wrong, I love boots in all styles, but booties are my favorite type of boot. I have pretty short legs and this style...
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wax ring featured
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  So after 8 years of marriage I decided to finally make a wedding band for my husband! Took me long enough, right? I'd have to say organizing my desk was the catalyst. Being able to actually see my jewelry tools got the creative juices flowing! The tutorial I'm going to share with you is about carving a wax ring model for "lost wax casting"....
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Born boots (featured)
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*This is a sponsored post on behalf of Børn Shoes, but all product opinions are my own.  Basically, Børn Shoes are ridiculously comfortable and gorgeous!* —  Remember last month when I confessed my love for Børn Shoes?  Well, obviously I just couldn't get enough of a good thing because today I'm back featuring another...
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  11 HOT Upcyled Fashion Finds  I am continually looking for new ways to use old things, making them fresh, fab, and exciting.  Add a little something unique to your style with these hot ideas that you may not have thought of before! Click the side arrows below to see all 11...
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The holidays mean, among other things, holiday cards, holiday parties, holiday company dinners etc. etc. I don' t know about you, but I stress a little more than "normal" about having the a special, perfect outfit to rock on these special occasions. Maybe it's because most of the year, most of the days, I'm in a good pair of yoga pants and an...
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*This is a sponsored post in behalf of Børn Shoes, but all product opinions are my own. Basically, Børn Shoes are amazing!* --- Who else is excited for Autumn!?  There is something magical about the chill in the air, the leaves changing colors, hay stacks, and of course the obvious wardrobe opportunities! Layering clothes, wearing...
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Fall fashion featured
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For as much as I love summer, my heart's fashion affinity lies with fall.  I love the boots, scarves, jackets, and cardigans that crisp, cool weather requires.  So here you go, you fall fashionista: the top trending fall fashions you need right now! 16 HOT Trending Fall Fashions 1. Oversized sweaters, skinny jeans, and the slouched...
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michellegiffordphotography featured image
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We at HowDoesShe.com are pleased to welcome a fabulous guest who is here to share some tips that will make your next family photo session a piece of cake! Michelle Gifford is a family and senior photographer in Southern California.  She is the momma to four amazing kids and the wife to her tall, dark and handsome husband.  She believes there is...
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costco cover
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Thank You! We love you! You are the reason a little blog 6 years ago has turned into what is now HowDoesShe.com. Because it is fun to share good news with the people you love, we want to share something we are pretty excited about! About six weeks ago we were interviewed by Costco and did a quick photo shoot in hopes of landing the cover of the...
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50 ways to wear a scarf You are not going to believe how many pictures are in this post. Actually, you probably are ... cause the title told you. But still. This is probably breaking some kind of How Does She world record or something ... cause those exist. Anyway. Here they are. All 50 of them. Mostly embarrassing, but maybe helpful. The...
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