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backyard discovery (featured)
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*This is a sponsored post for Oceanview Wooden Swing Set from Leisure Time Products™.  All opinions are my own. Basically, this swingset rocks. --- Does anyone else feel like our children are eating more junk food, playing computer and video games too much, and spending less time outdoors? Winter's chill only makes matters worse. Even...
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gratitude bootcamp (featured)
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Gratitude: The quality of being thankful;readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. When was the last time you told someone you appreciate them or you are grateful for them? I try and tell someone every single day I appreciate them.  Even to complete strangers.  In fact, I do it so often that I have noticed that my daughters...
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What a Six-Year-Old Taught Me about Honesty (featured)
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  Where adults dwell more in the gray areas, children see honesty as black and white. But as my children become older, I realize how closely they are watching my every move.  When I sneak a sample from the bulk candy bins, it doesn't matter that I want to try it before I buy it...to them, it is stealing.  What is gray area for me is black...
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moving tips for kids
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We are pleased to welcome back Tanya, from www.twowisechicks.com, who is here to share a post that is super important and often overlooked - Moving with Kids. We are thrilled to have Tanya sharing her perspective with us! Let’s give her a warm, HowDoesShe welcome back!     I’m somewhat of a self-declared expert on the...
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emotion pumpkins (featured)
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  We are pleased to welcome our guest, Sara Watkins, who is back to share some insights on fostering emotional intelligence in our children. What is emotional intelligence? Read on! My mother is a therapist. Growing up I was not a fan of her career choice. She was always talking about feelings. And not just with me, with my friends, my...
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Healthy Body Image featured
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  We are pleased to introduce Tanya, from www.twowisechicks.com, who is here to share a post that hits close to home, for me. This is such an important message to all of us, and we are thrilled to have Tanya sharing her perspective with us! Let's give her a warm, HowDoesShe welcome! I feel like somewhat of a fraud writing about...
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positive parent teacher relationships (6)
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We are pleased to welcome our guest, Sara Watkins, who is here to share some really great tips to encouraging positive parent-teacher relationships. So important. Welcome, Sara! One of the hardest days of my parental life was the day I walked my oldest son, Cooper, into a foreign environment and handed him over to a complete stranger....
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so you think swearing is cute (featured)
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Just a few weeks ago, we took the kids to an amusement park.  While waiting for them to finish their ride, I watched the following scene unfold next to me. ____________ A mother and father held their toddler, talking to friends and laughing. "Listen to this...this is hilarious.  Johnny, what do you say when you spill your milk? "!#@*"...
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a life not worth pinning featured
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A Life Not Worth Pinning Some parenting moments are not Pinterest-worthy. Some moments are the stinks. And that’s okay. When I was pregnant with my first baby, a week overdue and miserable, the midwife told me to enjoy this time with the baby inside me, revel in the feel of her movements, and not be too anxious to give birth. Basically,...
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Get Your Kids to Talk to You With These After School Questions FREE Printables! How's the after school conversations at your house? If it's anything like mine has been, you're not getting a whole lot of info or details. They all say in unison that their day was good and off they go to grab a snack. Now enter these adorable After School...
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