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Christmas Countdown (featured)
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There are only 4 weeks left until Christmas...FOUR!!!  Anybody else freaking out here?  I'd love to get all Pinterest-y cute with my kids, but let's face it---sometimes real life happens. Sometimes the dirty clothes are mounting faster than a freeway pileup.  Sometimes helping the kids with their homework feels like filing taxes the old...
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backyard discovery (featured)
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*This is a sponsored post for Oceanview Wooden Swing Set from Leisure Time Products™.  All opinions are my own. Basically, this swingset rocks. --- Does anyone else feel like our children are eating more junk food, playing computer and video games too much, and spending less time outdoors? Winter's chill only makes matters worse. Even...
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Thanksgiving Books My son has always loved reading. He loves being read to even more. Sometimes I find it challenging to teach him how to be thankful for something with out physically taking it away for a while -ha! A family tradition of ours is to have a good stash of books for each holiday and I keep them in a basket by the fire place. The...
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Game Day printables
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 Game Treat Printables How-to Video: So Many GREAT Ideas to Motivate! At our house we are full swing into basketball mode right now. One of my 7 year old twin girls has decided that she's a big fan of the game. She just started her games last week and you should see her on the court! She's giving those 1st grade boys a run for their money!...
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Anyone traveling for Thanksgiving or Christmas break? Road trips can make the greatest memories but there are those moments where we all want to scream for it to be over. Here are some of our favorite items to help pass the time and actually make it fun! Some of these get the whole family interacting in a positive way and some of these items are...
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lara art sticks featured image
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Stick Art Kit with Free Printables Looking for a fun and easy DIY gift for your little ones? I'm thinking it's even perfect for the little ones to give away....we had a blast the other day making this stick art kit. The kids couldn't stop playing with them! Watch the video below and you'll see how easy and adorable it is! Who will you make...
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Picture Books Pinterest featured
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We are thrilled to welcome guest contributor, Kristin Ammerman, who is here to share a fabulous round up that anyone with kids will want to check out: Have you ever looked at the picture books that make the New York Times Best Seller list? It’s a long list... with the same repeating authors every week. Sure, these authors are fabulous and...
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20141027-DSC_1375-Edit featured image
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I love creating kid friendly spaces, especially around the holidays, and I've found that the best way to do this is to involve the kids. It's about this time of year that my daughter starts asking if we can work on Thanksgiving table place cards. She's been in charge the last three years and she takes her role very seriously. Here are four place...
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Edible Christmas Crafts Featured
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I volunteer every month in my son's Kindergarten class to do a cooking project with the kids and just had to share these awesome ideas!  The little ones in your life will love these 18 fun edible Christmas crafts for kids.  Happy Holidays! 18 Fun Edible Christmas Crafts for Kids     1. Easy Popcorn Santa 2. Aromatic...
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Organize toys featured
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  Before gearing up for a lovely holiday season, including the arrival of many new toys from Santa's industrious elves, I'm looking at the bazillion toys that my kids already have that are scattered all over our house.  How in the world do I organize them all?  If you also suffer from toy-flamation...here are some really cheap and...
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