YA Sci Fi Feature 1
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So your teenager finished reading all the hottest science fiction books on the market: Hunger Games, Divergent and the Scorch Trials. Science fiction used to be nerdy. Very nerdy. Funny how times have changed! Now that nerdy is the new cool, they’re probably wondering what other YA sci fi books are out there. Why not read science fiction books...
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Making your home a friendship factory, give those sibling rivalries the boot (featured)
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How to make your home a friendship factory -give those sibling rivalries the boot! As famous as sibling rivalries are, I don't know any parent that relishes them. Most often they are viewed as the side effect of having more than one child. While I agree that often these rivalries are produced from circumstances outside our total control, I do...
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Boost immune system featured
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  Naturally boost your child's immune system With kids in school, large families, and germs everywhere...sicknesses are being bounced around like a pinball machine.  If you're sick of being sick, or sick of your kids always being sick, it's time to give them a little boost!  Here are 14 tricks to naturally boost your child's immune...
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5 Ways to Soothe A Child's Cold Symptoms At Home (featured)
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5 Ways to Soothe A Child's Cold Symptoms At Home 5 Ways to Soothe A Child's Cold Symptoms At Home:  After 81 months of pregnancy, roughly 72 months of nursing babies, nine children, 5 hrs average sleep on the good nights, countless sack lunches,  and (what feels like) a billion runny noses- I consider myself a seasoned parent. Not seasoned...
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easy handmade foosball table (featured)
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What do you do to entertain your kids on holiday breaks, cold rainy days, or any day you're stuck at home? Do you ever run out of activities and it's not even dinnertime yet? Well, I have put together a tutorial for a super fun foosball table and checkerboard to keep the kiddos busy! Here is what you will need: 1. Spray paint 2. Clear glaze...
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Meet Circle. A new way for families to easily manage content and time online for every device in the home.  Every family needs this in their home. Don’t believe me? Watch this video clip and you’ll be sold too. Why I love my Circle I am passionate about Internet safety. I go to presentations about how to protect my kids from all...
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backyard discovery (featured)
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*This is a sponsored post for Oceanview Wooden Swing Set from Leisure Time Products™.  All opinions are my own. Basically, this swingset rocks. --- Does anyone else feel like our children are eating more junk food, playing computer and video games too much, and spending less time outdoors? Winter's chill only makes matters worse. Even...
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See how customized ice packs & reusable drink koozies "team" up and add more spirit to your celebration!   A basic kitchen sponge becomes a convenient ice pack when it is soaked in water, frozen, then sealed in a ziploc bag.  As the ice pack melts, the sponge contains the water to prevent dripping.  It's a handy...
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so you think swearing is cute (featured)
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Just a few weeks ago, we took the kids to an amusement park.  While waiting for them to finish their ride, I watched the following scene unfold next to me. ____________ A mother and father held their toddler, talking to friends and laughing. "Listen to this...this is hilarious.  Johnny, what do you say when you spill your milk? "!#@*"...
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snow printable circle thumb
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Do you have snow?! I don't. Sniffle. I've been dreaming of a white Christmas but, here in the South, that's just down right wishful thinking. I was just starting to feel REALLY sorry for myself and, more importantly, my kids, when Chickabug emailed a brilliant idea. With a couple of simple ingredients, and a ridiculously adorable printable, we...
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