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How long have those photos of your 6 year old's 1st birthday party been SITTING on your hard drive? Isn't it about time to get those made into hard copies? If you're like us, preserving memories is something very important to you; however, the time commitment needed to bring them to "life" is a little much and often, especially when you're not...
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Sunburst frames and mirrors are popping up all over home decor lately. It gives a bit of a mid century, classic feel with a touch of modern thrown in. Recently, I saw one made from thin metal pipes, but it was heavy and rather pricey. After some study and consideration, I decided I could make my own using the humble drinking straw, and this is...
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st patricks day in a jar
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Call it the 'Luck of the Irish', or call it favoritism towards our fabulous readers.  Either way we want you to know how much we appreciate your support.  Once again, with the help of chickabug, we created an exclusive gift especially for you: Free St. Patrick's Day Printables. What exactly is  St. Paddy's Day in a Jar? Basically a rainbow of...
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You know Valentine's Day is in  TWO days right? Just checking. If your heart started racing a bit when you read that, no worries...this recipe is the procrastinator's dream recipe! It would be the perfect gift for anyone you want to send a little love to. And you can make it in 15 minutes!!! Crazy right? First off, in case you don't believe...
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I love Valentine's Day. Of course I think love is great and should be celebrated, but the decorations are what really get me. Hearts, kisses, pink, red- it's wonderful in any combination. I wanted to add a cute and classy decoration to my collection, and this year I decided to do something I could re-vamp or redo for another holiday. I'm a big...
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That's right.. 5 minute toddler leggings, ladies! This is such a simple way to add a little something to your toddlers wardrobe. You will love this inexpensive super easy project! The supplies you will need: A pair of knee-high socks (these are from target) 1 inch knit elastic Sewing supplies Starting at the curve in the heel of the sock,...
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Valentine's Day is fast approaching! Do you have your Valentine's gift ready? I thought I did until I was ready to share with you what I had made. As I typed, the words on the page seemed oddly familiar. I realized that I had been giving my husband something similar for the past who knows how long. Case in point... the time I gave him a...
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Nothing says baby luxury as much as Little Giraffe. Their products are high quality and the softest things you've ever felt. I could sleep with one in adult size! You will want to wrap YOURSELF in their blankets when you feel them. They are the perfect shower gift for a new mom!   Zulily is exclusively launching a new brand from Little...
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What is the perfect Valentine's Day gift? You guessed it. Aphrodisiacs. And they have obviously been on more than one of our minds. Did you see our post yesterday? Yes? Well...I suppose bath/massage oils are the best way to incorporate these beauties into a gift perfect for Valentine's Day. So today I have a couple more combos for you to...
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I don't know about you, but I'm tired of the cold. Yeah, I shouldn't complain - there is always someone worse off than me - but it has been super cold here, in Canada. Oh, and everywhere else, too! Talk about a deep freeze! Thankfully, something wonderful is on its way. That something involves cuddles, candle light, chocolate, and more chocolate....
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