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I love big statements in decoration and design, and DIY marquee letters give you a lot of punch for little money. There are two ways to make a marquee; buy an oversized paper mache letter at your local craft store or cut a letter out of wood. There are pros and cons to both materials, although the method is the same for both. Paper...
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20 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Crib
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I've got two old cribs in my garage that 4 of my kids have used....two of them because of the twins!  Once we found out they were no longer safe, I hated to throw them out.  Kinda feeling sentimental about these things, how about you?  I'm excited to have found some amazing ways to repurpose my old cribs so they can be enjoyed even longer!...
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ashley DIY Macrame and Health House Plants featured image
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Let me start off by saying I am a hippie at heart. I remember in middle school the only reason why I wanted to take art class was because the teacher at South Junior High was known for doing fabulous macrame and I just had to learn.  I wish I would have saved everything I made back in the day but alas I never thought I would use it again...
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emily fairy garden kit featured image
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A few weeks ago I went to a friend's house and got a tour of her lovely backyard. Nestled in the gorgeous flowerbed was a tiny house with a stone path and a small arbor, a few little toadstools and a teeny tiny bouquet of flowers. I asked my friend and she told me it was her granddaughter's fairy garden, a fun little something they do together. I...
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ashley chickens for beginners (featured image)
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April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks Go.  ~Christopher Morley, John Mistletoe It's true, isn't it? Spring time has a magical way of getting to the "get up and go" in each of us. Talk of spring cleaning, organizing, starting new goals, revisiting old goals, and just DOING seems to pop up as often as the tulips do. The...
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The sun is out and the weather is warming up! You know what that means right?  It's now time to think about starting some seeds indoors. So go pull the gardening tools out of the shed and put them to work. But they aren't the only ones to be put to work- go grab some little helpers to help out as well! Gardening is a fantastic way to not only...
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Alright Ladies, I know Easter is a month away, but I wanted to share this idea with plenty of time before the big day! This happens to be my very favorite Easter tradition: Growing our own Easter grass! It is simply beautiful and makes the Easter basket look so fresh and Springy! It beats that crinkly plastic grass that gets stuck all over your...
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Easter might still be a month away, but this is a floral arrangement you'll want to bookmark for your Easter decorations.  Or if you want to bring a spring garden inside your home, this is the perfect project.  I'm excited to share with you a floral terrarium do it yourself!    This is a fun away to display cut flowers, potted flowers and/or...
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carina lighbulb vases (11)
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I don't know about you but I am ready to say goodbye to winter! I always start to itch for spring in March and long for the bright colors, sunshine, and warmer weather. Well this year I couldn't wait any longer and decided to make spring come early. My inspiration came to me while doing something that helps me brainstorm the best. Cleaning. My...
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While strolling through my local farmer’s market I found myself gathering ingredients to make a fresh, garden-inspired fruity salsa. But, I remembered I had a head of lettuce that absolutely needed to be used or it would rot a slow, slimy death in my crisper - ‘cause who knows when I would think of it again?  So, I changed my mind from making...
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