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kerri butterfly pasta featured image
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  Every year I say I'm going to do a better job at decorating for spring time. It seems like every year I get too busy and decorating gets pushed to my mental low priority list. Well, not this year because I'm using my noodle.....literally! Yes, I busted out a box of bow tie pasta and spaghetti noodles and created a little bit of...
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Need a quick and easy baby shower present? Look no further than this super easy, super quick baby blanket how-to. Seriously, it took me all of 30 minutes to whip up this baby (hehe). And, what I love is that it looks so professionally done! The corners always turn out straight even though I might be a less-than-straight sewer. ;) So let's get...
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DIY Gold Foil Prints-5 featured
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Gold foil prints are in and they are easier to create than I could have imagined. You only need three things to complete this simple project: A laser print, toner reactive foil and a laminator. First, create your black and white graphic (or download our lucky shamrock) and print on a laser printer (which uses toner). We have an ink jet...
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Fun Photo Album Project for kids (16)
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  Do you ever feel guilty throwing out your kid's projects? What about a worksheet they wrote a cute story on or a test they aced? I have to confess, this is totally me. This Christmas the boys made the traditional gingerbread house and they turned out really cute. I justified leaving them out through January since it was still cold...
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2. gmail labs
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  Gmail has so much more to offer than just compose and send.  In fact, you can do some pretty amazing things to make managing your email so much easier! 1. Drag and drop images directly into an email Did you know you can drag and drop (or copy and paste) an image directly into the email you're composing.  No saving to your...
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st patricks day in a jar
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Call it the 'Luck of the Irish', or call it favoritism towards our fabulous readers.  Either way we want you to know how much we appreciate your support.  Once again, with the help of chickabug, we created an exclusive gift especially for you: Free St. Patrick's Day Printables. What exactly is  St. Paddy's Day in a Jar? Basically a rainbow of...
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Let's get crafty and make some fun Easter memories with those who matter most! I've found some super fun Easter crafts to get us through, I hope you all enjoy! 1. Isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen? This Peep House is fun to make whether you like to eat them or not! 2. Now don't these Pom Pom Easter Chicks make everything cuter?...
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I'm a sucker for a good makeover, and a lot of these old items I either have hidden away in the garage, or have seen at second-hand stores.  Take a look at these amazing repurposing projects and get a few ideas of your own! 1. From old ladder to towel rack 2. From file cabinet to rake storage 3. From bookshelf to bench   4. From...
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 Alright, the sewing machine is all set up and the supplies are ready... now what to sew? Here's some fun ideas that will keep you busy! From blankets to pillows to buntings, we've got you covered! 1. How to make those perfect corners every time! This adorable baby blanket will bring a smile to everyone's face! 2. Maybe you could use a few...
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free printable dr suess banner and other printables at howdoesshe featured
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Is there any birthday (besides your own) that's any more fun to celebrate than Dr. Seuss'?! Adults and kids alike love Dr. Seuss and all his fun, colorful books. So why not celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday on March 2nd?!! We have the perfect FREE printable banner as the centerpiece to the party. And if that's not enough, we've also included some...
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