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Fresh cut-flowers can easily brighten up a room.  I know when I walk in my kitchen and see a vase of flowers sitting on the table, it always puts a smile on my face.  If only I could always make fun floral arrangements every week like my last post; but c'mon, freshly-cut flowers can be expensive.  And the obvious...they don't last forever....
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How long have those photos of your 6 year old's 1st birthday party been SITTING on your hard drive? Isn't it about time to get those made into hard copies? If you're like us, preserving memories is something very important to you; however, the time commitment needed to bring them to "life" is a little much and often, especially when you're not...
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While the kids were on spring break, I arranged several Easter crafts for them to help pass the time. But I’m a sucker for starting a project – especially a holiday one, so I crafted right along side them. My husband would argue that I should just finish one of the three projects I already have started, but what fun would that be?! Besides...
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The sun is out and the weather is warming up! You know what that means right?  It's now time to think about starting some seeds indoors. So go pull the gardening tools out of the shed and put them to work. But they aren't the only ones to be put to work- go grab some little helpers to help out as well! Gardening is a fantastic way to not only...
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  Every year I say I'm going to do a better job at decorating for spring time. It seems like every year I get too busy and decorating gets pushed to my mental low priority list. Well, not this year because I'm using my noodle.....literally! Yes, I busted out a box of bow tie pasta and spaghetti noodles and created a little bit of...
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04.04.14 Family Painting
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Finding inexpensive indoor family activities can sometimes be difficult, and often leads to the same old "movie and popcorn night". While we enjoy a movie and popcorn as much as the next family, I am always looking for something else. When I saw this brilliant idea from my sister, I knew I had to try it out. She bought a large piece of...
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I am sure you have all seen these cute knotted headbands that seem to be the latest style trend for little girls! I was dying to get my hands on some and decided to try my hand at pattern making and creating them on my own! This turned out to be such an easy little sewing project and I had to share with all of you ladies! These headbands are so...
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Alright Ladies, I know Easter is a month away, but I wanted to share this idea with plenty of time before the big day! This happens to be my very favorite Easter tradition: Growing our own Easter grass! It is simply beautiful and makes the Easter basket look so fresh and Springy! It beats that crinkly plastic grass that gets stuck all over your...
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Woman, friend, sister, daughter, mother, aunt, co-worker, boss, niece, granddaughter, grandmother - our roles as women are endless aren't they? Trying to excel in each of those roles can feel overwhelming, but it doesn't have to! There are ways to simplify, and even half-hearted attempts have a lot of value! This month we have been sharing ways to...
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Easter might still be a month away, but this is a floral arrangement you'll want to bookmark for your Easter decorations.  Or if you want to bring a spring garden inside your home, this is the perfect project.  I'm excited to share with you a floral terrarium do it yourself!    This is a fun away to display cut flowers, potted flowers and/or...
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