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make these adorable pendant necklaces for your valentine (featured)
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 Just in time for a last-minute valentine project this week is this tutorial on how to make adorable pendant necklaces- for your galentine OR your valentine! Did you know that Galentine's day is Feb 13th?  It's a day to celebrate your best girl friends!  Whether you decide to throw a classy brunch or just meet up for a crafty morning, this...
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Easy Book Cover DIY - Perfect for Bible Journaling (featured)
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Are you ready for a super fun and super easy way to make a book cover?! I can't get over how easy it was to create a cover for my journaling bible. I should have done this a lot sooner! I jumped on the bible journaling bandwagon about a year ago. I'm a doodler at heart (you should have seen my high school notebooks!) and an avid...
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Free pritnable Valentine's banner (featured)
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My kids love to help decorate the house for every holiday. I see picture perfect homes in all their beautiful holiday splendor and I think how wonderful it would be if my house looked like any one of the thousands of pictures I come across. But that would mean taking the decorating out of the hands of my kids and they would be devastated. They...
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Great Heart Attack Decor for Valentine's Day! (featured)
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  Great Heart Attack Decor for Valentine's Day!  The easiest decoration you will put up all year (and cheapest, too, probably) are these Valentine hearts. Tell your kids you've been heart attacked :) The hearts are found at your local party supply store if you want to go the easy route and have them pre-cut.  I have also cut...
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It's really not that difficult to throw together your own photo shoot that looks professional and absolutely gorgeous.  All you need are a few simple items from your local craft or home improvement store!  Here are 25 drop dead gorgeous DIY photo backdrops for all you budding photogs out there who like to shoot photos of your kids, chic...
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Wedding centerpiece featured
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Per reader request on our fabulous Facebook page, we're gathering all of the prettiest centerpiece ideas for you to use at your weddings and fancy parties.  Makes me want to get married all over again! 21 Easy, Chic DIY Centerpieces for Weddings & Fancy Parties 1. Pretty flower pomanders 2. Lavender candle votive 3. Can you...
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Tree stump decor featured
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After researching easy and chic DIY centerpieces for weddings and fancy parties, I was introduced to the most beautiful tree stump decor.  Since then, I've been obsessed with the latest decorating trend...tree stumps!  Here are 18 great tree stump ideas you can put in your own home! 18 Great Tree Stump Ideas 1. Lovely white-painted stumps...
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easy handmade foosball table (featured)
by  |  posted under Anti Boredom Busters, Boys, Crafting, Do It Yourself, Family, Family Time, Fun With Kids, Girls
What do you do to entertain your kids on holiday breaks, cold rainy days, or any day you're stuck at home? Do you ever run out of activities and it's not even dinnertime yet? Well, I have put together a tutorial for a super fun foosball table and checkerboard to keep the kiddos busy! Here is what you will need: 1. Spray paint 2. Clear glaze...
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3 ways to repurpose old christmas lights (featured)
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I'm pretty sure every year we end up throwing away another two strands of Christmas lights because the frustration of figuring out which bulb is the culprit making the entire string not work is just not worth it. And although your strands may seem worthless - here are 3 quick ways to repurpose old Christmas lights when they go out on you - (these...
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Fun DIY Christmas Gift Bags - Perfect for the Holidays (featured)
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Who doesn't love a perfectly packaged gift?! I learned a long time ago that the presentation means just as much as the actual present inside. This season, I decided to try making my own fun D.I.Y. Christmas gift bags. It needed to be quick and easy because I have several people on my shopping list. I whipped up 3 bags in 25-30 minutes so I...
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