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You don't need an excuse to do something nice for your man.  Let him know how amazing he is with a few of these thoughtful gestures, generated with help from our fabulous Facebook followers! {Get the PRINTABLE LIST HERE.} 1. Buy him car wash coupons. 2. Or, wash his car yourself. 3. Write him notes and stick them in his pants pockets...
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I am sure by now you have heard about essential oils and maybe even have some friends who offer theirs up when you get a headache or start coughing.  You might kindly refuse wondering if your friend has gone a bit crazy? At least that is what I did when I first heard about them... "You mean to tell me that if I rub this oil around my kids' ear a...
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 Gold is making a huge comeback in fashion, beauty and the interior design world. If you ask my kids, they will tell you that gold is my favorite color.  Gold can pretty much go with anything.  I remember when we bought our first home in 2003 every door knob, faucet and kitchen item had to be stainless steel.  Even my jewelry had to be...
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It's almost here! A day to celebrate our LOVE for the people we adore! Bring on the hugs and kisses, the flowers and the chocolates! And if you need Valentine Printables…we have a few:  Click on the link  to take you to iSharePrintables.com then click on the image to take you to the download! Enjoy! Happy Hearts Valentine Post...
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I love Valentine's Day. Of course I think love is great and should be celebrated, but the decorations are what really get me. Hearts, kisses, pink, red- it's wonderful in any combination. I wanted to add a cute and classy decoration to my collection, and this year I decided to do something I could re-vamp or redo for another holiday. I'm a big...
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Love is in the air, everywhere you look around! Oh, except in my house. My place is seriously lacking in the Valentine's Day decor area. Too often, I find home decor projects intimidating, or I just plain don't like the craft enough to put it all of the effort! That will change, my friends, thanks to IShare Crafts and YOU! You are submitting your...
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Valentine's Day is fast approaching! Do you have your Valentine's gift ready? I thought I did until I was ready to share with you what I had made. As I typed, the words on the page seemed oddly familiar. I realized that I had been giving my husband something similar for the past who knows how long. Case in point... the time I gave him a...
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What is the perfect Valentine's Day gift? You guessed it. Aphrodisiacs. And they have obviously been on more than one of our minds. Did you see our post yesterday? Yes? Well...I suppose bath/massage oils are the best way to incorporate these beauties into a gift perfect for Valentine's Day. So today I have a couple more combos for you to...
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I don't know about you, but I'm tired of the cold. Yeah, I shouldn't complain - there is always someone worse off than me - but it has been super cold here, in Canada. Oh, and everywhere else, too! Talk about a deep freeze! Thankfully, something wonderful is on its way. That something involves cuddles, candle light, chocolate, and more chocolate....
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I love that Valentine's Day makes us take a second to evaluate the importance of the relationships around us. Yes, even those sweet little kiddos who hand out trinkets and candy are realizing that the people around them are special, and that they are grateful for them. To help make Valentine's Day a special (and stress-free) occasion, we've...
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