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I love that tooth fairy. What is not to love? She is little and sparkly and she takes gross things away and leaves money its place. But I have heard that sometimes she has a hard time finding those little teeth buried under restless children's pillows without waking them up....so I have heard. Well, NO MORE! Enter... the tooth fairy. Did...
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Ok, guys! I need to tell a little back story so you can see where the idea of the tooth fairy pillow came from. My little girl is 5 and she's full blast 24/7. She's loud, stomps around the house, can't play hide and seek because she's too loud - get the picture? She is a LOUD child....until bedtime. Then she turns into a silent ninja. She can...
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Do you know how to take care of your child's teeth? I had no idea with my first child.  I even hesitated taking my young children to the dentist. I had nightmares of them refusing to open their mouths, biting the hygienist's hands, running into the waiting room screaming, or worse... (Lyla was a little nervous)   Thank goodness my best...
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Ways to Whiten Your Pearlies! (Teeth) That moment when you are talking to someone and all of the sudden their voice strangely sounds like it’s fading into a tunnel-like echo because all you can focus on is their teeth that appear to be the shade of an overcooked cob of corn.  Let's talk about ways to whiten your pearlies!...
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 Fairy Party Ideas Welcome to some darling fairy party ideas. This adorable little girl and I have a very special bond. She is my first born niece and we share a birthday. Only one problem, we are never together to celebrate! {We live 1,000 miles away. Two thumbs down for dental school. Boooo!} Well this lucky birthday girl had a fairy...
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The Twirling Tooth Fairy My creative and adorable friend Natalie recently shared her family tradition of the Tooth Fairy... Before Bed, Natalie's little girl sets out a big glass of water with her tooth at the bottom. While she is sleeping the Tooth Fairy comes to get her tooth and colors the water whatever color her princess dress happens...
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