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Bring on the pumpkins!  I am so ready to decorate, how about you?  Here are my 16 favorite pumpkin ideas...there's no way I can choose just one.  My house my be swimming in pumpkins for the next few months. 1.  Mummy Pumpkins   2. Tricked out pumpkins 3. Chalkboard pumpkins from Michaels.com   4. Chevron...
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My sweetest cousin sent me an email a few weeks ago showing me her latest creative project. {She is always doing something jaw dropping}.  I said, "That's it.  You're in." Lucky for us, I've recruited her fabulous talent to the HowDoesShe blog. Lara will be posting every now and then, so make sure to give her a warm welcome for her very first...
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You know Valentine's Day is in  TWO days right? Just checking. If your heart started racing a bit when you read that, no worries...this recipe is the procrastinator's dream recipe! It would be the perfect gift for anyone you want to send a little love to. And you can make it in 15 minutes!!! Crazy right? First off, in case you don't believe...
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It's holiday time friends, and that means all our favorite foods are lurking around every corner. Eggnog, chocolate, pies, cakes, and all those delicious treats lay waiting in the grocery store, at parties, and even delivered to your door by sweet neighbors. So, how are you supposed to say no to such tempting holiday fare? Well, you're not- sort...
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On the lookout for delicious recipes with the holidays right around the corner? This is a MUST try! One bite of these delicious, buttery, melt in your mouth dinner rolls and you won't be able to stop eating! Is your mouth watering yet? ;) This is my family's very favorite dinner roll recipe. My mom,  sister, and I are always asked to...
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This month we have been collecting and sharing our favorite ways to take our holiday preparations from PANIC to PERFECT! After all, aren't the holidays meant to be enjoyed by everyone -  host included? If you are finding yourself closer to the panic end of your preparations, fear not - we are here to help. In case you missed these fabulous posts,...
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You're hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year and as guests start to arrive, you do a mental rundown: turkey's in the oven (check), rolls are golden brown (check), the table setting is Pinterest worthy (check). But the gravy still needs to be made and the pies baked.  There's whipped cream to "whip up," and the baby is still in his pajamas!  How...
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Let me start off by saying I am a bit of a pie snob.  I didn't realize this until I left my parent's home and realized all pie crusts were not created equal.  After leaving my childhood home I begged my mom to let me in on her famous pie making secrets.  What it comes down to is using the perfect recipe, with the right mixing technique. It can...
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Tis the season! With Thanksgiving only 2 weeks away it's time to start thinking about what to bake (besides the turkey and all the Thanksgiving Dinner yummies) for the most delicious day of the year!! My favorite three letter word at the moment...PIE! I'll take a slice of each one pleeeeeease! So grab a fork and get ready to dig in...these...
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If you are hosting Thanksgiving and you have little ones to entertain, look no further. We've got you covered! Once again, we've teamed up with the ultra-talented Chickabug to offer an exclusive printable set for HowDoesShe readers. Just to switch things up a little, you can opt to print the color version, or use the included pattern/template to...
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