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Lazy summer days are coming to an end for most (if not already ended) and backpacks are being stuffed with supplies. Back-to-school is an exciting time for kids (and moms) and at our house we try and make it something to look forward to, and ease the fears and insecurities that lie just below the surface. One of our favorite traditions this...
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kara summer relay games featured image
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My husband's parents just had their 50th wedding anniversary and we all gathered to celebrate. There was a lot of prep work that went into the anniversary weekend and one morning in particular we had outdoor games scheduled. There were a couple requirements for the games: It must be able to incorporate every age category, young and old, it...
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nicolette time capsule featured image
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  {2004} Ten years ago, I left my small Idaho town to enter the much larger fish bowl of university life.  I was starting fresh, in a new state, with nothing but big dreams in my pocket.  My $6 an hour dream job at the movie theatre gave me free popcorn, soda, and movies.  How could life possibly get better?  My most frustrating...
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missy chocolate orange fudge featured image
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You know Valentine's Day is in  TWO days right? Just checking. If your heart started racing a bit when you read that, no worries...this recipe is the procrastinator's dream recipe! It would be the perfect gift for anyone you want to send a little love to. And you can make it in 15 minutes!!! Crazy right? First off, in case you don't believe...
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kerri countdown links featured image
by  |  posted under Crafting, Fun With Kids, Holiday, Sewing, Traditions
  As a child I used to LOVE counting down and my favorite thing to do was make countdown links. I drove my mom crazy with these long chains draped across the house but like any good mom, she didn't complain about it. I wanted to pass the tradition down to my girls but wanted a cuter way to countdown...maybe something that wouldn't be...
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ashley new year new you featured image
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Welcome to JanYOUary; the year of you. 2014 is going  to be all about your health and happiness. As I get older, I get busier and there is less time for me.  I dedicate all my time to my family, job, and cleaning.  This isn't a bad thing, but what about me?   My health, sanity, and most importantly helping others (which makes me happy)...
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Nicolette 21 Ways You Can Help Others featured image
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I'd like to think I am a good person.  I donate canned food when possible and I always put money into the Salvation Army bucket when I hear that bell echoing through the frigid cold.   But it wasn't until a few days ago that I realized I had my priorities all wrong. It was Black Friday and I was frantically in pursuit of the hottest...
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How many of you love the idea of a snowball fight on a cold winter day? What if I were to tell you that you could enjoy the fun moments of hiding, dodging, and throwing all in the comfort of your own living room? Yup-you heard me. I am going to show you how to make your very own SNOWBALLS! And not only that but is fun song by Bee  called...
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Pennys perfect pie crust featured image
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This month we have been collecting and sharing our favorite ways to take our holiday preparations from PANIC to PERFECT! After all, aren't the holidays meant to be enjoyed by everyone -  host included? If you are finding yourself closer to the panic end of your preparations, fear not - we are here to help. In case you missed these fabulous posts,...
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emily kid friendly thanksgiving treats featured image
by  |  posted under Crafting, Decorating, Desserts, Do It Yourself, Family, Family Time, Fun With Kids, Gift Giving, Recipes, Snacks, Thanksgiving, Traditions
As soon as September rolls around, I get out my fall decor. I love all the orange, yellow, gold, and the richness of fall colors. After Halloween, I'm sort of burnt out sometimes, but a week or two goes by and I'm ready for some fun Thanksgiving crafting. Because Thanksgiving is a holiday that usually involves a large meal with many people,...
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