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german style soft pretzels (18)
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Many years ago, I got my first taste of a soft pretzel. It was at a local fair, and I was in LOVE! Again, in high school, while on  field trip to a German deli, I had my second taste, and I decided that I just HAD to learn how to make them myself. Fast forward a few (okay MANY) years and I hadn't found a recipe that tasted right. I couldn't...
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Fruit pizza
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HowDoes He Make Fruit Pizza? Jared's back with another fabulous idea, how to make fruit pizza! A quick, easy and delicious way to enjoy all that yummy fruit from the farmer's market or grocery store. Watch today's video for the tutorial, your belly will thank you!         And while you're there, be...
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raspberry lemon muffins featured image
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 With school lunches to pack, quick breakfasts to make, and easy afterschool snacks to set out everyday, I am turning to my favorite cooking standby: muffins! Not only is it easy to put a batch of muffins in the oven in less than 15 minutes, but they also freeze well and are a great make-ahead snack. These particular Raspberry Lemon Muffins...
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Vietnamese Salad Rolls with homemade peanut sauce
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Have you ever had one of those moments when you try a completely new food for the first time, and your taste buds come alive like never before? Have you ever sat awake thinking and dreaming about eating that food again? I love food - so this has happened a few times, for me. I know that when a dish has really won me over, I just HAVE to know...
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a twist on lemonade - keeping it healthy and natural feature
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Put a Twist on Lemonade: Natural and Healthy Lemonade A tall glass of homemade lemonade is so refreshing on a hot, summer day.  If you've got lemons, making freshly-squeezed lemonade is so easy!  It only calls for three ingredients: lemon juice, water and sugar.  Easy!  Since the hot months are coming quickly, I'd like to share with you a...
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by  |  posted under Breakfast, Fitness and Healthy Living, Main Dishes, Recipes, Salads
Secret Weight loss Weapon: Protein Recipes Chyna is back with some delicious protein recipes to help us with our Summer Slimdown Challenge! Hi Everyone! Just wanted to check in and see how your Summer Slim-Down Challenge is going! Who tried out Week 1's stability ball challenge? Sometimes it's hard to create a new habit. As they say...
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shelley chicken pot pie featured image
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Easy Chicken Pot Pie Casserole Recipe Lucky for you, I twisted my incredibly talented mother-in-law's arm to share a few of her easy peasy recipes starting with this one:  Easy Chicken Pot Pie Casserole Recipe.  They are truly amazing and truly EASY! Win win! Leave her some comment love and I'd bet I can get her to come back again soon. ;) Take...
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raspberry almond chocolate chip squares featured
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  Time to be candid - I need to begin this post with a WARNING! These are the most ridiculously delicious squares ever and are not recommended if you are on a diet - unless, of course, it's cheat day ;) And if you need to - tell yourself that these squares have good things like fruit (even if it's in sugary jam), nuts (almonds count,...
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Healthy Spreads and Dips for Wraps and Sandwiches featured
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Last month I shared with you my favorite healthy sauces for pastas and meat dishes.  This month I wanted to share with you my favorite healthy spreads and dips for wraps and sandwiches.  These basic recipes contain no sugar, gluten free and many are dairy free.  They aren't just for those who have allergies or wanting to lose weight, but...
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banana-pudding-in-a-jar featured
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We are so excited to welcome Ruthie back for another easy and delicious recipe - this one is perfect for spring celebrating! Take it away, Ruthie! Hi all my friends at How Does She! It's Ruthie from Cooking with Ruthie and I'm back for my last guest post here with y'all. It's been so fun to visit with you and share some of the creations from my...
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